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DUI reduced to reckless driving.
I'm a nurse that was charged with dui with hopes that I can get it reduced to reckless driving. I read in a previous post that this is only a traffic violation and not a criminal offense. Is this correct and it will not show up on a background check.
Depending on how the background check is run, this may certainly show up. I would advise a criminal defense lawyer who...
What repercussions will I face in South Carolina after a DWI conviction in North Carolina?
Arrested for DWI in NC, refused the breath test and blood test came back as .16. Living in SC currently as well as at the time of the arrest. No grossly aggravating factors, 1 aggravating (.16), speeding was the reason for traffic stop but no reckless driving, clean driving record and have enrolled in SC ADSAP. Under the assumption this will be reported back to SC after conviction, what punishment will SC impose?
Generally there is a license suspension from state to state but I don't believe NC reports so you'll likely avoid that...
I need to resolve a DUI dating back to 1999.
There is an arrest in by Beaufort County Sheriff's office dating back to 6/1999 for DUI and Leaving the scene. I do not recall this ticket and it seems to not have been resolved. I have a case number of this as well. I do not live in the area so need this handled from a distance.
You should hire a South Carolina lawyer to take care of this. Be prepared to pay the freight - the price tag may be...
Can a DUI in one state violate probation in another?
My son's dad (now estranged) is on probation in GA for family violence and cruelty to children. He is now in SC (where my son and I are) and was arrested for a DUI in January. A local police officer ran an NCIC when I filed a report because he drove by my house, and the officer said that my ex has a warrant in GA for assault & battery and that he is violating probation by being here. My ex has court today, and I was wondering how this might play out. He has a long list of priors, including a DUI here over 10 years ago, multiple A&B, public drunk, and multiple CDV. I also know that he just got fired from his job, so he will not be able to pay the $1,022 fine. He was bonded out on a surety bond after spending one night in jail after his arrest.
Yes. Probation says "VIOLATE NO LAW" not just laws of state Xyz.... now will the state ever find out about it??? ---...
Business' request for ABL denied due to partner's past DUI. Any laws I can cite for protest? (Restaurant)
We're opening a new business and have applied for our alcohol by the drink/beer & wine licenses. We have been denied on the grounds of moral character [61-2-100(d)] and when I called the office, the rep said it was because one of the partners has two DUIs. In reality he -had- 2 DUIs, one of which was lessened to reckless driving. This leaves only one. He has since quit drinking for going on 5 years now. He manages a bar and grill now and has no problems staying sober and lawful. Also, he is ONLY a financial investor, not an operator. He will not work there at all, in any capacity. Are there any law(s) that we can cite on the protest that will help get the denial reversed when they send it to the SCDOR legal team for review? Also, any advice for the situation or it's expediency? Thank you
Good questions. I would retain a licensing attorney or business attorney in Beufort to help you on this issue. It may...
Can I get a dui off my driver license like a pardon or expunge
What can I do to get it off?
If you were arrested and it was dismissed, or you were found not guilty, you can have it expunged assuming you meet...
How many continuances can I get in South Carolina on a Dui case in south carolina without a lawyer
They made me take my contacts out before they would give me a sobriety test
Why do you need a continuance? Hire a lawyer to help you ASAP.