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  • Police arrest 2 people on several meth charges after...

    Aug 28, 2015 | via WDRB-TV Louisville 

    The number of JCPS teachers who have "significant concerns" regarding student behavior in their classrooms has increased over the past year, along with the severity of the problems, union officials said Friday. The number of JCPS teachers who have "significant concerns" regarding student behavior in their classrooms has increased over the past year, along with the severity of the problems, union officials said Friday.


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I have 2 duis 1 in 2003 1 in 2006, i NEED a cdl, can i obtain one with this or do i need to quit.
i have a job that the only way to move up in company is to get a CDL class B, and ive done everything to stay out of trouble, i just want to be the best i can for my wife and kids, and im being held down if i cant get them, need to know if i can get a cdl or if i need to find another career and that would suck because this is a chance of a lifetime, and they say learn from your mistakes its kinda hard if they keep haunting you like this. Thanks
You can contact your dmv. Every state is different. If they deny your CDL you can ask for a hearing.
If my friend go to a pretrail over a dwi in indiana. And has a dui. 5 months ago in ky, what. Could be the outcome
Charge with feeling the seen of an accident and blood acohol way above the limit and will the witness of the accident. Haft to be there
Possible jail time. Contact a local DUI attorney for a free consultation.
What exactly happens if you blow under legal limit?
Scenario: Person arrested for suspicion. (no accident, driving w/o headlights on well-lit street at night) Smell of alcohol on breath, red/glassy eyes are gist of PC. Person refuses SFST's and PBT (not required by state) but is arrested on suspicion to take Breathalyzer at jail. Person blows under legal limit - even 0.00. If no other tests are offered, what happens next? Is suspect booked into jail, or released? Suppose a drug test is ordered, the arrestee complies, a ride to the hospital follows. Immediate results will yield negative for alcohol, and for drugs as well, although it may take longer for drug results. Would suspect still be released, or taken back to jail and processed to be bailed out or wait arraignment?
Surprisingly, that suspect should be released without charges unless they realized that the machine was not working...
What will happen if refuse SFST's and PBT, but blow 0.00 at jail?
Pulled over at night for driving without headlights on (well-lit street and parking/tail lights were on) Officer smells alcohol on suspect's breath, suspect's eyes appear red/glassy, observed fumbling for registration, insurance, and DL. Suspect refuses SFST's and PBT. If officer arrests and takes to jail on suspicion but suspect blows a 0.00, what would likely happen? If suspect showed no other signs of impairment, would a blood test be ordered? Regardless, would suspect be released? Cited? Or charged, booked and jailed? How likely would that be? Add' info: Suspect has had four (alcohol) dui arrests resulting in two misdemeanor convictions, and two dismissals 9 + years ago. No other arrests or types of crimes, ever or since. Record has been expunged from public but not law/courts
Typically in many jurisdictions, The courts can still move forward on an impairment case. Evidence of the refusal to...
Tim was arrested twice within 5months apart in two states. Dui. And dwi. Then way. Did he get his licence. back
he was charges with a dwi. The blood test said his blood. acohol. level was. 3Times the limit. And he is going to a Pretrail conference
This question is confusing. What is it you really want to know? "Tim" most likely has some form of driving privileges...
Is a blood. Alcohol level. harder. To fight in court if. It was taken at the hospital. This is the 2nd dui
Arrested. Refused a subriety. Test taken to the hospital for blood test then put in jail so what might be the out come. Here
I am a bit confused by your question. Did you have your blood taken on not? Was the blood test a forced blood test?...
Arrested. For dwi. With blood test showed it was way above the limit
This is my second dui within 4 months apart ky, and IND,at my hearing. I had. 7Charges against. Me lawyer Got me down to two the big one is my acohol level they gave my license back but going to a Pretrail conference. Why
You say you have an attorney. Ask him. Anything from us would be guessing. He knows the facts.