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Can I be charged with MIP if they found no alcohol on me?
I was driving home and got pulled over for no plates. They asked to search the car I said yes they found nothing in the car. They made me take the sobriety tests passed them. They told me to take a breathalyzer so I did and ended up blowing 0.017 and that's when they charged me with MIP I was not drinking alcohol I had Nyquil because I wanted to sleep from being sick all day.
Nyquill has alcohol so yes, you can be charged.
I have a first offense DUI, Why does a person have to do random drug testing for an alcohol charge?
I've never had anything on my record at all and I have 9 months probation, 40 hours of community service and paid $1500.00 in fines. I got my DUI because another driver hit me in the driver side of my car after THEY ran a red light and I also had the interlock in my car for 6 months. I got my DUI on 08/08/15, had the interlock for 6 months and didn't even get sentenced until 03/02/16 and was still given 9 months even after attending AA meetings twice a week, plus completing my interlock and drug/alcohol classes. In turn my drug/alcohol evaluation I just found out was not sent to the court in it's entire form there were pages missing, could I possibly get this overturned at all do to that??
Guess I'm sorry you got caught driving drunk after someone else hit you. As far as the testing requirement it is a...
What if I got misdemeanor dui in colorado . Got 60 days mandatory. And I don't appear. I live in Nebraska.
Was just out there for weekend. I'm a single mom wit 4. Children. One is only 2 months old. Other 4 yrs. Be starting preschool during the time I need to serve.
CO will issues a warrant for your arrest. You may be charged with failing to appear to serve a sentence. It is likely...
What can I do
I was pulled over and they told me To step out of the car and they told me to do some test and I told them I couldn't do it because I have a problem with my hip Anna told me to still do it and. They took me in and I asked for my walking cane and did not give me it and did not when my rights
Were you charged with a crime? If so, what crime were you charged with? You haven't given enough information.
2yrs probation and 30 days jail before the first years up for dui. any way around the jail time? community service etc?
i was sentenced to 2 yrs probation and 30 days in jail for dui. i have to serve the 30 days within the first year of probation. im wondering if there is any alternative to the jail time. house arrest, community service, etc.
This is a question that should be addressed to your attorney that knows all the facts and handled the case. You won't...
Is getting an attorney pointless for first time DUI with high BAC?
This is my first ever offense (been pulled over once and got a fix-it ticket but that's it). I'm 20yo, and yes I know it's underage, and was out at a friend's house. Thinking I was okay to drive, since none of my friends could drive for me, I left my friend's house. After about 10min of driving I realized I wasn't and pulled off onto a dirt road where I ran over a mailbox and crashed into a ditch. Verdict's still out on whether or not the car is totaled, but it did have to be towed. I blew a .191 at the scene and they took me to the hospital for a blood draw after that. My question is: Would getting a lawyer be of any help? Or have I dug myself into a hole so deep not even a lawyer can help? and What steps should I take next? Thanks for your time and I appreciate any help given.
Go get a lawyer than handles, and brings to trial, many DWI cases in your area. In some jurisdictions, a BAC level...
Last minute court advice?
My DUI court date is here in the next couple days and I was just wondering as to any advice that can be offered. I've ended up having to represent myself and am a little nervous about going in alone. Any last minute tips would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Likely to late to help, best to continue the matter and get a lawyer. Most should offer a free consultation.