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What are the consequences of breaking probation on a dui charge because of a fight?
My girlfriend is on probation for a dui from about a year ago. She was in a bar and the bartender started argueing with her. The bartender came from behind the bar and started pushing her. My girlfriend, Nicole, then hit the bartender. The bartender then says Nicole broke her jaw. We are waiting for proof of that. Now the bartender is pressing charges. What kind of trouble will Nicole be in? She is in an ARD program right now for the dui. Is there anything we can do? One more fact. The bartender started the argument over something that Nicole had nothing to do with.
She needs a local criminal defense lawyer familiar with the courts there. Now! Breaking someone's jaw in a fight is...
How much would a criminal lawyer cost and how much time could he get
my son has int poss contr subst by person not reg, manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, use/poss of drug paraph, no rear lights and dui controlled substance or metabolite 1st offense
Lawyers don't usually quote fees when responding questions. I will say a DUI can run $3,500 and up itself. Many of us...
Should I plead guilty or not guilty of my second underage charge?
I got an underage drinking charge, paid my fines and graduated from my classes so I wouldn't lose my license. Shortly after that I received another underage drinking charge. I am guilty, but what should I do? How long will I lose my license?
It is unclear from your question whether you were convicted of the first underage drinking charge. It sounds like you...
Can I get off a DUI
SORRY about my typing. I was puklled over at 10 at night. it was 4 degrees in PA that night. HE pulled me over for leaving the town center with only my daytime running lights on. Well he said your eyes are slightly red did you drink anything tonight. I said, no i was dry walling all day. well he made me get out and do a field test passed it, then still arrested me. well I blew a 0, so he made me do another field test and passed it. so he said hes 1 of 146 people register to do some test that can tell what your on, i said ok. well i did that, and he tried to tell me i was hi on weed, i don't even smoke. So he wanted to get a blood test next about 8 miles from my house i said fine. well she couldn't do it so he wanted tongo all the way to the hospital 36 miles away. I said no I did enough hoops passed them, it seemed like harassment now. what do you thing. Thanks for any feed back
Your is an interesting question. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully answer in the space and time allotted. I...
I was drunk on my porch last night called 911 the cops almost cuffed me but my neighbors settled me down
The cop was ready to handcup me On my porch is it legal
More information is needed. Did you call the cops or were the cops called on you? An officer can detain you if there...
I think I am getting my second DUI help
I was stopped for a missing tail light. They took my info then told me to step out the car after asking if I had any drinks which I said no I haven't. I passed their field soberity tests and they still took me to jail. They processed me and took a breathalyzer which was on the highest tier. I don't want to end my life here but had found out my grandfather died of alcoholism and want to know I stead of jail would a rehab be possible.
You need to hire an attorney that can represent you and determine what a good strategy is for you. Maybe rehab is...
What am I to do.
Swerved to miss a deer put my van in a ditch. Someone called 911. Police and ambulance showed up. Didn't field sobriety test me, didn't take me to hospital for blood work. Went to barracks did breathalyzer test 7 times. And was hit with a .23
Hire an attorney. Unless there's a dead deer or someone else saw the deer, they are going to argue the deer is an...