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Can you get a DUI without driving or being arrested?
My car wouldn't start and I was too drunk so I napped for a few hours in the passenger side. When I woke up the car still wouldn't start, and I was pretty drunk still. I called the police for assistance (stupid I know). They came and talked to me, did a breathaluzer (I think), took a look at my license then dropped me off at home without anything else. Can I be charged?
First, you should absolutely talk with a qualified Montgomery County, PA DUI Attorney to go over all of your rights and...
Can you enter an Ard when you do not have a license?
Backed my friends car out in a apartment complex, a cop pulled me over.had a beer that's all.,at a party in complex
I strongly suggest you discuss the facts of your case with an attorney BEFORE you agree to enter ARD. There is a...
How to get license back after charges lowered and judge told me license isn't suppose to be suspended anymore?
My DUI case (Bucks County) started as ARD and my license was suspended about two years ago for 30 days due to it being a requirement in the agreement. August 25 2016 I went to court and my charges were lowered to an Ungraded DUI Misdemeanor/General Impairment 1st Offense and the judge informed me that my license won't be suspended. I informed the judge that I turned my license in while I was ARD and now that my charges were changed and I no longer am supposed to have it suspended what am I supposed to do. He said to contact penndot and I did and they were also informed of the changes of my charges even that my license shouldn't be suspended but Penndot told me they won't give me it back until I finish my ARD requirements and pay restitution but I kept telling them I'm no longer ARD or being charged with that charge but they argue that it's untrue and that the court needs to notify them of it but they already did and I have copies of the paper. What am I suppose to do? I dont wanna have to pay restitution and other things when I'm no longer suppose to have a suspended license charge. How do I get it back? Also my license suspension was up in July 2015.
Your case is somewhat unusual. I am a little confused as to how you entered the ARD program over two years ago, but you...
1 year since incident, why am I getting mail about being charged?
On 9/26/2015 I was stopped for running a redlight, I was given a breathalyzer, I blew and the officer would not tell me what I blew and was asked for a blood test, I refused. On 11/10/2015 I notified by penndot that I would loose my license for 1 year for the refusal. So It's been a year and two days from the time I was stopped and today I received 3 letters from lawfirms soliciting representation for dui. I have not received anything from my local county since I was stopped saying that I have been charged. Are they seriously just now coming after me?
It is unusual for it to take a year to file charges but not unheard of. It is likely that your case was filed and...
Does the ARD program drug test for THC?
so i will be entering the Pennsylvania ARD program in about 2 weeks. i was caught on the charges of shoplifting, possession of about a gram of weed and possession of paraphernalia . i am just wondering will they give me drug tests in the ARD program, i read online in cases of where people got DUI's and were caught with a very small possession of marijuana and they were not tested. granted i am not sure if the weed was apart of their charges. 2 part question: Will the ARD program Drug test me? Does the ARD program need a court ordered sanction in order to drug test me or else they are legally unable too? oh and BTW this charge was in Bucks County, PA
Generally you are not drug tested while on ARD but some counties do test. You had a lawyer for this matter so ask your...
How can I be charged for a dui when I was overdosing in a 7/11 parking lot.
I made a dumb mistake of doing heroin. I did a bag and before I left to go home I stopped at a 7/11. I was in my cat at the time I overdosed. I had my learners permit on me but didn't have anyone above the age of 21 with a licensed driver. When the cops found me I was unconscious and they used narcan on me to revive me I was brought to the closest hospital and there they took my blood to see what was in my system. Is there anyway I can fight this and see if I can get these charges dropped?
Yes. You can fight. However, to prove a DUi, the government does not need to prove "driving." You really should...
I recently got a DUI with a .10 Police got a call of a "possible" intoxicated driver, by my disgruntled ex.
I would like to know how to properly defend myself in this case and how I can help my circumstances. Is his call enough to be arrested? What do police look for before giving you a breathalyzer?
Police are free to act on tips from the public. Best option: get a DUI attorney asap, stay offline, not a DIY project.