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I live in Texas and received an OUI in Anchorage Alaska. Can I save my driving privileges in Texas?
i did refuse a breathalyzer but blood was drawn.
There is an Interstate Compact that requires all 50 states to report traffic "convictions" to the home state of the...
How long to be indicted on a felony dwi ?
this is my fourth and it has been over 5 months since my arrest. i am out on bond
There are a few relevant deadlines: 1. If you're in custody, the state has 90 days to indict you or the judge should...
DWI Jury Trial - If the DA has a weak case, will they wait until the trial before making any substantial plea?
The case has a venue issue, no probable cause for the stop, and refusal of the FST and breath tests.
You present compellingly strong issues, yet, without working the case and reviwing all admissible evidence it is...
DWI - what is a speedy trial in Texas?
I don't understand the term "speedy trial"...if the trial has not taken place in a certain amount of time, are there grounds for dismissal? What if the charges were files, then dismissed and refiled as a 2nd DWI and it has been 2 years and 2 months since the date of original arrest? County is Comal
Contact an attorney in that jurisdiction.
DWI-- When an attorney files a motion to dismiss based on incorrect venue, does the judge have the power to dismiss the case?
The county cop followed my buddy into another county, there was no hot pursuit as he followed him a half mile into the the other county and had many opportunities to pull him over but didn't put his lights on until a half mile into the other county after he turned into his neighborhood and went through three stop signs/intersections, the cop is new to the department and thought he was in his county as he acknowledged that in his report. Everywhere in the report he states the arrest was made in his county when actually he was in another county. Also, shouldn't the cop turned my buddy over to the proper authorities and charged in the county where the stoop/arrest was made? There was also no reason to pull him over as he barely drifted on the right white line, there was no crime committed.
I'm giving you the code sections below. The offense for which the officer stopped your buddy arguably (and by the time...
How is a motion to supress DWI evidence for an unlawful stop presented before a judge?
If an attorney has filed a motion to supress evidence and it is being heard on the day of the jury trial, how does this happen? Is the defense attorney the only one to question cop? Or does the prosecution and defense both question the cop? Is the cop essentially put on trial defending his reason for the stop?
You ask excellent questions that require an elaborate and lengthy explanation on what takes during a hearing on a...
DWI Trial - I would like to observe one, where or how can I find one???
I would like to attend and observe a DWI trial in texas, how would I go about finding one?
Try your local county courthouse. Call the county court(s) coordinator for your local courthouse and ask them about...