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Can a landlord throw me out for being drunk and not bothering eney body
Evey body drinks awond here but I'm being target to be kicked out
Your landlord cannot simply throw you out. If you have violated the terms of your lease, you can be evicted after...
I got a DUI several years ago in SC and now need to get my DL back in IL. I need help figuring out what I need to do.
It was several years ago that I got DUI and have paid all the fines owed in SC. I travel for my job, so sitting down in IL to take the classes is not going to be very easy to do. Need advice on what steps I can take to obtain a valid DL in Illinois.
If you are classified as minimal moderate or significant risk you must at least take the 10 hour DRE course. Evaluator...
What do I do if I don't own a car to have the BAIID installed in?
I have been approved for a RDP in Illinois. The letter the Sec. of State sent me says I must meet any and all requirements of the Office of the Secretary of the state as well as the terms and conditions of the BAIID and be in receipt of said RDP. I do not own a car but plan to use friends car to go to work. What do I do? Can I not drive a friends car without BAIID installed? Why must I have BAIID?
If you are suspended, they way to drive during the suspension is to have a BAIID device installed in your car, that way...
Can you be fired for drunk texting when both parties were off the clock?
Was being stupid started texting people at work one of them didn't like what I said turned me in for harassment..
Illinois is an at-will employment state. That means that unless you have a union or employment contract that says...
My daughter was passenger in car and the driver was charged with DUI he hit a tree and , does she have claim for bodily harm ?
fracture nose and jaw and hip was dislocated.
Yes she does she should contact a lawyer handling personal injury matters, as do I. The case would be against the...
Sentenced for DUI, & sentenced to 90 days jail , with day for day G.T. & time served. How do I get the MITTIMUS? thanks...
I was told by the judge to report on Jan. 7th, but have received nothing in writing. This concerns me greatly, for I have found if you do not have it in writing it is meaningless. This was a felony DUI, is there any possibility of house arrest. I am the primary caretaker for a very dear 98 year old woman who needs me very badly. I am also extremely concerned about not receiving my prescriptions while incarcerated, I was denied them upon arrest. I am disabled and take pain medication, and VERY IMPORTANTLY antibiotics for a specifically undiagnosed infection in my head. If left untreated this becomes extremely severe and dangerous. Thank you very much for you time, and consideration...... Michael
There is an order staying the mutimus. Get a copy from the clerk
I have had my baiid for a few months. failed once blowing a .06 Have a dui once 4 months ago.
went out with friends, and left my car at their place, we took a cab back to his place. We stayed up pretty late, and when I woke up was feeling hungover. When I tried to start my car I blew a .065 and didn't try to restart. a friend took me home an hour later. I got my car back that afternoon. Will they extend my required time with the device?
Yes, your suspension and your MDDP will be extended by 3 months.