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Can a bartender serve minors alcoholic beverages at a party in a private residence with the home owner’s permission?
I was asked to tend bar at a private party in someone’s home. The home owner said I could serve the minors in attendance alcoholic beverages. If I do and one of the minors gets drunk or hurt am I personally liable?
Homeowners can't give you permission to break the law.
Will I get arrested if I come back? (DWI)
In Aug 2012, I was arrested and charged with a DWI. I was on a J1 au pair visa. At court legal aid was provided, I was told to attend Tasc and a Mothers Against Drunk Driving program, which I did. During my second court appearance the DA offered to bring the charges down to a violation if I pled guilty and that I needed to attend a Victim Impact Panel program and a Drinking and Driving program. This happened on a Thursday and I had to leave the US the Friday, due to the fact that my visa was revoked. The DA knew about this but she said that rules are rules and that she wasn't going to adjust them because of me. I had to plead guilty. Now I lost contact with the attorney who took my case. I want to come back but because I haven't done the programs will I get arrested at the US border???
It sounds like you accepted a plea and were placed on probation. If you did not successfully complete the probation...
Is there a chance to have an ignition-interlock device/IID removed after 6 months instead of waiting the full 12 months, in NY?
I was sentenced as a first time offender (of ANY type of moving violation or crime) to a DWI with conditional discharge in NY. I refused to "blow" so I received an automatic 12 month revocation from the DMV. In criminal court I received a direction to install and maintain an IID in my vehicle for 12 months. I have also received a conditional license (thankfully). I have had my IID for 6 months with zero (0) issues related to failed breath tests. I would like to know if there is a realistic chance to have my IID "sentence" shortened by hiring an attorney to petition the court? If there is a chance at winning, how much is a reasonable fee to pay for this? In other words - would a petition like this be in the $1k range, the $2.5k range or above $5k? I am in a small municipality.
Yes. I just got the interlock removed for a client in Nassau County after 6 months.
Aggravated DWI or DWI plea
Hi! I am an international student (F1 visa) and I was arrested and charged with aggravated DWI (BAC 0.21) and hit a utility pole in New York. I was offered either Aggravated DWI with 1 year conditional discharge or DWI with 3 years probation. May I know which one should I take because I am going to mary my girlfriend and I do not know if which charge would prevent me from adjusting my status.
Either way, the acquired state criminal record will be required to be disclosed during any subsequent application...
Shouldnt i get an immediate dismissal if officers falsify(LIE) the paperwork??
Long story short..I was pulled over and arrested for no reason. Was told to take a breath test at the station. The paperwork i have claims i was driving a white truck( truck is pitch black), blew over the limit(LIE) and refused the test(LIE) at the same exact time(5:00am) but another piece of paperwork says my observation began at 5:20am and the test was at 5:46am which means they wrote out those tickets almost a hour before i was even tested!...Shouldnt this be dismissed??
No. You may have a basis for cross examination but inconsistencies in the paperwork is not a basis for a Judge to...
Can I sue for defamation of character
I went for a drug screening... and was accused of taking Adderall... I had a script for it but I had to wait 72 hours for CVS to mail my prescription history... she wanted it immediately and refuse to talk to my doctor... she tested me positive I lost my job and a great reputation... and recommended a rehabilitation center.... the script was older but I didn't use all the time. The script also says use as needed
What was the false statement and who was it made to?
Can i beat a dwi case if i wasnt pulled over and arrested legally
Can a officer pull someone over, arrest them without telling them why, and read their miranda rights then tell them in the station if they blow in the breath machine and nothing comes back then theyll let them go then tell them they blew double the limit without showing them?..Is all of that legal????
You need to get an attorney that specializes in DWIs if you want any sort of help in defending yourself. The...