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  • FL shooting casts shadow over LI pride parade protest

    Sunday Jun 12 | via 

    A moment of silence for the Orlando shooting victims was held Sunday at a Sayville rally that had been planned in response to the cancellation of a pride parade. As News 12 has reported, the long-running LGBT pride parade in Huntington was put on hiatus this year due to staffing issues, although PrideFest was still held Saturday in Heckscher Park.


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  • LGBT walk in Sayville steps off on schedule, holds m...

    Sunday Jun 12 | via Newsday 

    An LGBT "visibility walk" in Sayville stepped off as planned on Sunday, June 12, 2016, and its organizer, Erinn Furey, co-founder of the LGBTQA+ Visibility Coalition, vowed to confront bias and violence against that community after a deadly shooting in Florida. An LGBT "visibility walk" in Sayville stepped off as planned on Sunday, June 12, 2016, and its organizer, Erinn Furey, co-founder of the LGBTQA+ Visibility Coalition, vowed to confront bias and violence against that community after a deadly shooting in Florida.


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Sayville Law

Is my bench warrant erased byh now
On 2005 I got pulled over on Long Island, NY because i was dui. I pulled over at my house so they wouldnt take my car. It was 3 blocks from where the cop turned his siren. I took the regular walking test and few minutes later resisted arrest since the cop pushed my mom that was outside crying. i spent the night in jail and appeared in court and got a public defender. The judge gave me a next court date to a month from that date. I flew to my country of origin and never appeared in court. Cops went looking for me at my old address twice and my mom received the tickets from my dui and everything. its been eight years now and I want to know if I can go back to the US in case my bench warrant got erased or expired I really dont know what to do. Please help me
It is not gone. It is in warrant status. If you return, the warrant will be executed at the airport and you will be...
Crossing into Canada with a DUI
I had a misdemeanor dui about a year and a half ago, how likely is it that I wouldn't be allowed to enter Canada from buffalo NY?
As you probably suspect, the USA and Canada share, in real-time, all arrest and conviction records with one another....
Is it possible to get my aggravated DWI case dismissed?
I was arrested for an aggravated DWI on halloween 2015, the sheriff arrested me and i was released and got a lawyer. The sheriff's department lost my paperwork that says that the breathalyzer was working correctly, and also there were some mistakes on my arrest report. My lawyer gave the sheriff's department 6 months to find my paperwork, which they didn't. After going to court dates every month for 6 months with nothing happening, they are finally negotiating a deal. My lawyer has been pushing me to get evaluated by TASC and is trying to work out a deal where I do TASC and they charge me with a violation instead of a misdemeanor. I don't really trust my lawyer and feel he is much too eager to help the DA and send me to TASC rather than get me the best deal. Is it possible this case could've been/can be dismissed? Or should I listen to my lawyer and go to TASC? He told me to make an appointment for evaluation with TASC and let him know when it was, that was 2 months ago and I haven't done it cause i want a second opinion, but also need to get this over with because it has been almost 9 months and i haven't even been sentenced yet. He hasn't even contacted me in months.
You should listen to your attorney. He has no interest in helping the DA. You are his client. A violation instead...
Driving after dwi , without interlock machine.
Me arrestaron en el 2014 por un dwi el juez me dicto un año a soplar una maquina le dije que no iba a manejar . No tengo ningun vehiculo registrado a mi nombre a mi nombre ni nada pero estoy manejando sin la maquina puesta quiero saver las consecuencias que puedo tener
Si usted es sorprendido conduciendo sin el IID podría enfrentar un cargo misdemernor y posible encarcelamiento.
DWI or DWAI and applying for a greencard.
I am applying for a green card to be a us resident. I recently got convicted of a DWAI. No accident and no one was hurt. I have no other criminal record. Will this make me ineligible? I heard the law changed and it not just moral turpitude which is a problem.
It shouldn't but you should consult with an immigration attorney. Best of luck.
Is it possible to not get admitted into USA because of a DWI?
I got a DWI on April 8th. They did blood test, later the results came back and the officer called me on May 26th saying that he needed to give me another ticket because according to blood tests, it was a Aggravated DWI. He knew I was going on vacations out of US on May 26th at night and said it was ok. I traveled to Canada because my flight was supposed to leave from Montreal, in Montreal airport, the US immigration said that I had TWO DWI in less that 6 months and that two DWI means a felony. They didn't allowed me to return back to US. My flight was Montreal-Miami-Tegucigalpa, so I was doing transit through US so in Montreal I did US immigration. I am an international student. It's first offense.
Yes, as you already experienced, that is indeed "possible", since two DUIs can be considered to be a "felony"...
Can I get my dwi charges dropped to a reduced offense?
I was pulled over and was arrested after the officer did a sobriety test because he said my eyes were red (I was crying because I had broken up with my boyfriend when I got pulled over) he also did the breathalyzer four times and came up with the number 0.14 is there any way I can plea to a reduced offense other than a dwi, I have a clean record, there was no one else in the car, no car accident and I was coming from my friend's house, my last drink was at 10 pm and I got pulled over at 1 AM
In Suffolk County, blowing a .14 - the question isn't whether or not you've lost your license, the question is whether...