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I was arrested for 2c:35-10A(4) and 2c:36-2 is there a way i can get away with probation and still get to keep my license?
My friend and I had just gotten into my car, parked at the GSP Rest Area in Sayreville, after a long day of skateboarding. My car had been parked there since around Noon, and we didn't get back until 1:30 AM. Not even 2 minutes after we were in my car letting it warm up, and a State Police officer came pulling up. I had under 3.5 grams and a grinder that was also a watch. I have a clean record, only other tickets are Borough Ordinance, and Idling. apart from that I have no prior experiences with the law. I can't afford, nor do I have time to find a lawyer at this point, so I need as much help as I can get. I was arrested saturday morning and my court date is this monday. I need my license to get back and forth between two jobs.
First, do not post any further information regarding your case on the Internet as you have no expectation of privacy...
Got a DWI, interlock
was told to have an interlock device put in my car by the judge.I told the judge i dont own a car to put the device into the car. He said dont know what to tell you ,What do i do? The car was my grandmothers an she not going to let me drive it anymore so do i still have to get one an do i need it while my driving privallages are suspended
The MVC will issue a interlock restricted license when your suspension ends. This means that you cannot drive a...
I was stopped at a DWI check point in NYC. I blew a .10 and was taken into the station where I blew a .065. I was hit with a
dui. How will this affect my nj driver's license?
Your first test reading of .10 may not be admissible in court. The reading at the station of .065 is below the legal...
If I lost an NJ drivers license for DUI (2nd Offense) and I continue to drive what issues will I have if caught?
If I'm in an accident will my insurance pay if I have no license?
To answer your two main questions. If you are caught driving you will go to jail and lose you license for an additional...
I have been charged with my second dui. Since my first dui was 9 years 9 months 10 days ago can it be considered a 1st?
I was convicted in Jan 8 2008 for a dui. I have recently got a dui on sept 18 2017. Since this dui is less than 3 months away from the 10 year drop rule is there anyway I could be considered a 1st time offender when judge makes the sentence? Would being in the Marines help my case anyway or showing I've been attending AA since the incident?
Unfortunately it has to be 10 years between convictions to get a step down. That does not mean however that your...
Awaiting PA ARD hearing date. Implications on NJ traffic Law for the 1st DUI offense that occurred in Pennsylvania?
I am still waiting for my ARD date for a DUI incident that happened in Erie, PA. This is my 1st offense and no other traffic violations. No restitution. Recently my job required to move from PA to NJ. My attorney had said earlier the PA Commonwealth will send a request for a license suspension for up to 60 days, because my BAC was 0.21. Also my license information will be updated in the PA court records with new address and drivers information. The PA paralegal team advised to check with an attorney of what will be the NJ law implications when PA commonwealth requests to suspend my license?
A 60 day suspension for a DUI when BAC was 0.21 seems low to me, but then I am not licensed in PA (nor NJ). What I can...
Do you get drug test if you was charged with possession od weed?
I was stopped for my decals on my car and the officer smelled marijuana and ended up searching the car and found weed and a grinder, but I wasn't breathalyzed so my question is during court would I be asked to take a drug test if I was not asked to do one on the day of the incident?
If they think you come to court high you may be arrested in court. And it is very difficult to smoke the day of court...