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How to retain an occupational license
I was convicted of a dwi in Wisconsin since they go back to 1989 it ended up being my 3rd the two others were in mn. Wisconsin will allow me to get an occupational license but Minnesota said they will only issue my regular license because in there eyes I served my time. So now I can not seem to get an occupational license or a regular license because wisconsin has a hold on my license. Is there a way around it so I could obtain a or some sort of license?
Your post is not entirely clear, and, regardless, further detail would need to be known. I assume you've done all you...
I signed implied consent, now what happens when I go to court?
Got pulled over on ATV, they said it was a 4th degree DUI, i provided a urine sample at the gas station and was sent home. now what?
If this is a first offense, you'll be prosecuted for a misdemeanor crime. Misdemeanors are punished by up to 90 days...
Got my second dwi in 4 months. First one was 4th degree. This one was 2nd degree. Out on bail bond...what am I looking at?
I have realized I have a long term drinking problem. I want to do some kind of rehab immediately until my first court date on June 24. Will this help my case out? I have a job and need to keep it. What all can I do to avoid jail time? I will lose my car I think for sure. Can I volunteer for home alcohol monitoring or community service?? Anything? HELP...
There are many options and possible outcomes. It would be unwise to try to list them without looking at the police...
I am being charged with a 2nd degree DWI - refusal to test and a 2nd degree DWI - under the influence what can i do ?
i was sitting in a parking lot of a gas station with my truck running the cops pulled up i told them i was waiting for a ride because i was intoxicated . they had me do the field tests then asked me to blow in the Breathalyzer i again said i wasn't driving that i was waiting for a ride he told me to blow anyway . i did and blew a . 211 . they then asked where my keys were after searching me i told them i did not have them . they cuffed me and brought me to jail . they told me to blow again and i said no because i was not driving so why would i have to , then read me my rights and booked me . they are charging me with a 2nd degree DWI - refusal to test and a 2nd degree DWI - under the influence they never found my keys and how can i be charged with both a refusal and a DWI . What can i do ?
Right now you are probably facing three different cases: criminal 2d degree DWI/refusal; implied consent (license case);...
Can I ask for a plea bargain if I do not have any legal representation?
Apparently I do not qualify for a public defender. But I cannot afford to hire an attorney either. I got a 4th degree DWI. I only blew .082 on the first test and .093 on the second. The cop said they were both "weak" samples. On my first court date I asked the judge for a 6 week continuance pending the results of my urine test. If the results come back the same I was going to ask for a plea bargain of careless or reckless driving instead of a DWI. But without any sort of representation or legal advice, I have absolutely no idea how to defend myself or ask for a plea. can I even ask for a lesser charge if I do not have a lawyer? I wont even know what to say to the judge. I feel trapped. I also have a lot to lose if I get A DWI on my record. I might even lose my job. Please help me!
Can you? Is it wise? As you seem to realize, no, it would not be wise. In order to "keep a DWI off your record,"...
Can I get a reduction in my fee to purchase my license back after a DUI?
When I was 18, I received a DUI in May of 2015. I hired a lawyer and completed all of the requirements made by the judge, like going to a One-Day DUI Class and paying legal fees. The only thing I didn't do was purchase my license back for $700. I am almost 20 now and a college student about to go on a six-month missions trip overseas where I will not be employed. When I get back, I will still be in college and unable to afford the fee, but I will need a license. Is there any way I can get this fee reduced/waived? I have not gotten into any legal trouble since my DUI, if that makes a difference. Would I have to go to court again?
I'm afraid not. It's an unforgiving administrative cost.
Can a traffic accident be a basis for reasonable articulable suspicion of DUI/DWI, or is much more needed to determine that?
What is all needed to prove a reasonable articulable suspicion in DUI/DWI accident case? If there are no reasonable suspicion, how far can an officer expand the scope of the traffic accident stop when investigating possible crimes?
It would depend on the totality of the circumstances. Perhaps the officer would note an odor of alcohol or something...