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I have a BAIID with a camera and a GPS installed on my truck.
I have a RDP for work use only. I stopped for fast food for dinner and the BAIID went off. I am going to assume that my picture and GPS coordinates were recorded by the device. I have not sent the unit into the SOS yet. When they receive the BAIID will this constitute a violation?
Possibly, contact a local DUI lawyer to help you though this, especially since you're looking at possible jail.
I paid my debt to society for DUI's in my past. How can Illinois penalize me on top of that? Isn't that unconstitutional?
I suffered from the disease of alcoholism for most of my life. During that time I received 5 DUI's and I paid my debt to society for them. Today I have 7 years sober and because of the passage of time I have only 1 DUI on my record. Despite that, I'm told that the state of Illinois has revoked my drivers license for the rest of my life and I that will never be able to drive again anywhere. Isn't that unconstitutional is some form or other? I did my time for the crime how can they penalize me for the rest of my life on top of that?
The state has an obligation to protect its people. Some crimes demand action and the Secretary of State has been...
Driving record, PDPS, and National say I have one DUI on my record yet i have a lifetime revocation. Can this be lifted?
I have past DUI's that have been taken off my record in Iowa due to passage of time.
I assume that you mean that you have had four DUI convictions and Illinois won't consider you for reinstatement. If...
Has anyone overturned a lifetime revocation in Illinois
I have 6 years sober and my whole life has changed. Now I'm on the verge of losing my job in March when we move to a new location because I cant get there. Last DUI was in 2005 in and I have 4 others out of state is there any hope for me. I feel like I'm going to be wearing this scarlet letter for the rest of my life.
Extrememly unlikely
Does Dui court supervision affect my insurance?
I was arrested for DUI in January 2014 in Illinois. It wasn't in my car nor was I on my parents insurance yet. Received court supervision February 2014. Completed court supervision successfully February 2015. I am getting ready to buy my first car soon and getting my own insurance. Will the court supervision affect the price?
Less the Court supervision than having had a dui, and then age and gender and lack of insurance history. In other...
I need a DUI lawyer that can handle an appeal.
I was in a car accident 4/17/15. I was taken to the ER and examined. I was given Tylenol extra strength and Ultram. The hospital didn't write down I was given medication. I had to leave blood and urine samples. 8 months later, I receive a letter in the mail saying my license will be suspended for 6 months because of what was found in the blood and urine samples. I contested the suspension and in court found the only thing found in testing was Acetaminophen in my urine. I told them that acetaminophen was Tylenol and not a controlled substance. They didn't believe acetaminophen was Tylenol and upheld the suspension. Every person I have spoken to says this is wrong. 3 things. First the samples were taken after I was released from the ER and not before. Second, according to one attorney, a illicit drug test would not have detected acetaminophen but a medical test would have so I was given the wrong test. Third, acetaminophen is over the counter medication and is not controlled. The suspension will be up next week but I don't want a false DUI on my record and I want to find out who said acetaminophen was a controlled substance and take legal action against them.
You do not need an appellate attorney, You need a good DUI defense counsel who also handles hearings. Apparently you...
Do out of state DUIs carry over?
So, my girlfriend was arrested yesterday afternoon for driving while under the influence in Rockford, IL. This is her 3rd DUI, but it is her first in the state of Illinois. She had gotten 2 DUIs almost back to back in Michigan about 2 years ago, but was able to walk away after 10 days in jail and without probation. To date, she owes the state about $6,000, and technically has a warrant out for her arrest in Michigan due to unpaid fines. I'm curious if the DUIs will carry over, because right now her bond is set at $300, and that seems awfully low for someone with her DUI history. Isn't a 3rd DUI supposed to be a felony, anyway? She had gotten into an argument with someone and fallen asleep in the car (which just so happened to be in the middle of a parking lot). Someone noticed her passed out in the car and called the police, who then knocked on her window and proceeded to question her. They got her with 5 charges: DUI ALCOHOL/INTOX COMPOUND/DRUG; POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA; POSSESS CANNABIS 2.5-10 GRAMS; DRVNG UNDR INFLU/BAC 0.08; TRANSP/CARRY ALC LIQ/DRIVER. I know she had a bunch of opened containers and cans in the car. What is likely to happen if she is not bonded out?
Convictions from other states carry over to other states. You know she needs to get a dui attorney, help her do that....