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  • Police: Handcuffed Grandmother; Throwing Apples

    Tuesday Jul 28 | via 

    At 3:15 p.m., police arrested Cassidy Morrison, 19, of 8500 Henderson Grade in Fort Myers, FL on charges of possession of a burglarious instrument and shoplifting. At 3:55 p.m., police arrested Jose Morales, 31, of 20 Peabody St., #4 in Salem and charged him with intimidating a witness and a threat to commit a crime.


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  • Bail revoked for man accused of assault in Snapchat case

    Wednesday Jul 22 | via 

    An Essex Superior Court judge Wednesday revoked bail for a Saugus man accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in an attack that prosecutors say was recorded and disseminated on the social media application Snapchat. Rashad Deihim, 20, was handcuffed and taken back into custody after the prosecution alleged he tested positive for benzodiazepines last week and violated the terms of his house arrest by visiting Malden and Revere Beach. 1 comment

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Saugus Law

All terms of probation complete.
All terms of my supervision have been completed. In addition, I have completed 13 months of a 36 month supervision sentence. I want to request early term, But do not have a compelling reason besides completing all terms or probo and simply trying to move on with my life. Can you request early term on those circumstances ? Ive asked this before but didnt really include all details for a clear response.
Not likely
My daughter was seriously injured in an accident by a drunk driver. She was awarded a large settlement.
He was convicted and sentenced to jail. My question is does a Declaration of homestead which he had prior to the accident still protect his property for a judgment if he was convicted as a felon for his actions. Can the Declaration of Homestead be negated in this case.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news: the felony conviction has no effect on the validity of a prior-recorded...
If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an can they say I refused a breathalyzer?
If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an attorney.....and say I won't talk or do anything until I speak to an attorney...can they still continue to ask me questions and ask me to take a Breathalyzer. And then hold not taking one against me by taking me license, when all this occurred subsequent to me saying I wanted to speak to an attorney?
You do not have a right to counsel until you are formally placed under arrest (custodial questioning). And, if you...
Can you have a liquor license if you have been arrested?
I was arrested for being drunk driving a boat which caused injury to others, I refused breathalyzer and blood test and am now suing the other boat driver....will I lose my liquor license for my bar
You will not per say lose the lic. you will most likely have to answer to the State about the issue. Be preemptive and...
If enrolled in a first time offender DAE class listed on the page, do they drug test the participants?
Had CWOF for OUI, Speeding, leaving the seen of accident - live in NH happened in Mass. The box on the disposition paper work DOES NOT have the box checked for drug/alcohol testing. I am enrolled in 24D program and have a orientation next Wednesday. On line finding different answers to this question.
I am not licensed in MA, but my experience with clients in such programs in CA (where I am licensed) leads me to answer...
I got a dwi in nh but I have a ma license. I live and work in ma. Do I need a nh lawyer or can I use a ma one?
I would like to know what type of lawyer I need for a dwi that I got in nh. I live and work in ma and I have a ma license.
Well it's a good thing that you recognize that you need a lawyer. Hire a NH attorney.
I got pulled over in nh and got dwi. I've never done anything wrong in my entire life and I'm scared. I live in ma. What now?
I would never do that again, i'm so embarrassed and so sorry. I need my license to go to work everyday because I support my household. I work in MA. I'm so afraid I will lose my license. This is my first ever, AND ONLY, offense. Will I be able to keep my license or get a Cinderella license? I know what I did was wrong and I'll never do it again. I live in MA and this happened in NH.
I advise you to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will be able to review the facts...