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    Friday Nov 13 | via Worcester Telegram & Gazette 

    Jared Newell, 36, of 3 Water St., Oxford, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or .08 percent, placed on probation for 18 months, ordered to attend a driver alcohol education program, 45 days license loss, $250 state fee, $250 head injury fee, $50 victim assessment fee, $50 victim witness fee; and license plate violation, found not responsible. Nicholas P. Cantin, 35, of Saugus, charged with possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine, having a nontransparent or obstructed window, having no inspection sticker on a vehicle, marked lanes violation, and speeding, continued to Dec. 9 on $2,500 cash bail.


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All terms of probation complete.
All terms of my supervision have been completed. In addition, I have completed 13 months of a 36 month supervision sentence. I want to request early term, But do not have a compelling reason besides completing all terms or probo and simply trying to move on with my life. Can you request early term on those circumstances ? Ive asked this before but didnt really include all details for a clear response.
Not likely
Do I need a lawyer to return with me to court on my DUI probation end date?
I have the date on my "Order of Probation Conditions" sheet, do I need a lawyer to attend with me? I did not use a court appointed lawyer at my original court appearance, I have fulfilled all my requirements and I am paid in full, please advise?
You don't need a lawyer. You may not even need to go to the court date - call your probation officer and see if your...
I am coming to the end of my DUI/24D Program/year of probation, do I return to court for the year end?
will I receive a letter with more instruction?
Technically, unless you are specifically excused by your probation officer you do have to return to Court on your...
Why was I issued an FID card, but denied by NICS? With 2 DWI's on my record is there any way to receive a license to carry?
I am convicted of 2 DWI's in MA. I received the FID card 9 years after my last OUI conviction. Have not been in any trouble since the conviction. NICS stated i was denied because I was convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year, or a misdemeanor punishable by more than two years. Why give me the FID just to deny a purchase? Can I appeal to NICS in order to buy a gun that falls under the FID umbrella?
Sorry to say, but the laws in Mass allow a police chief to deny you for a single disqualifier (a guilty on a drink...
How can the registry suspend a driver license, when you never had one
My son was arrested when he was 17 for minor in possession of alcohol, the dmv assigned him a license number, he never even applied for a license.
That's how the registry keeps track of people with incidents, but no license, such as minors and people from other...
Terminated due to name being in paper. Are arrests for dui and domestic violence lighter than benig caught with a pill?drugadrug
10 years unblemised service I was fired on the spot for having my name in the paper for being arrested no conviction, most likey wont be one. I dont think i violated any policy neither does my immediate supervisor. TheHR department decided to make an example out of me. Numerous other employees have been arrested along the same lines and have not been fired. DUA awarded me unemployment. I worked for a major corporation. I was fired on the spot for having my name in the paper for being arrested no conviction, most likey wont be one. I dont think i violated any policy neither does my immediate supervisor. TheHR department decided to make an example out of me. WeNumerous other employees have been arrested along the same linedand have not been fired. Mass DUA awarded me unemploym
Your question may be better addressed with an employment lawyer, as you appear to be asking about the appropriateness...
OUI Defense
Stopped by police for marked lanes violation because of another motorists complaint..I was driving an 42 yr old muscle car with severe steering problems.. Informed officer of the issue. No breath test..completed 3 FST (not perfectly according to him) Refused any further tests..Officer said i was NOT unsteady on my feet and had NO slurred speech. I was also wrongfully jailed for 36 hours due to PDs mistake. Officer told me i was "not bad" obviously not in report...Explained i was going through a divorce and was living at several friends homes on couches and was exhausted. I did have bloodshot glassy eyes and admitted to light drinking earlier in the day...I gave no amounts nor was I asked how much i drank..Very nervous
The issue is whether you were driving while your faculties were impaired. Good questions one and all. Only way to...