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I have had the interlock device in my car for a month now and have never blown anything but a PASS. This morning when I went to start my car I blew a violation/fail. I did brush my teeth and know that can cause the fail. But, last night I went to a Christmas party and did have three drinks and made sure I drank water and had a designated driver. Could this have caused the violation? If so will it affect my non-adjudication? I had my roommate drive me to work rather than risk it. I know alcohol can stay in your system for a while but I am having a slight panic attack thinking that I have just ruined everything. Any advice will help.
You need to contact the attorney that handled your case and advise them of the facts. Whether it will affect your non-...
He thought pill would make me sleep. It knocked me off my feet (muscle impairment,wide awake). I thought I was having a stroke . I was 60 yo and had high BP. I couldnt find my cell ph and walked into my yard on dead end street in last house ,saw neighbor, asked him to call an ambulance for me. He did and I sat down . When I saw vehicle lights I stood up and stepped into the str. First vehicle was a cop. He blocked the medical guys from even talking to me and when I and the amb guys objected, he arrested me. No tests were given . He said I was not to be charged and to be let out "free ticket" after I "slept it off" till 6 am. Ended up with my pic in paper as public drunk. Can I do anything? pic in paper hurt and estranged my adult and college aged kids?
Likely no. It's not false information. You were arrested. You might have a lawsuit against the doctor, though..
I got 2 dui's within months of each other. I plead guilty to both of them but my second was dropped down to DUI 1st, not 2nd. So since it's only a 1st, do I have to pay and attend the masep and VIP classes twice or am I able to do it once and knock both cities out at once?? (One DUI was in long beach and the other in diberville)
I would suggest contacting the lawyer that represented you on both cases. If not available, contact a Mississippi DUI...
I was drunk and lightly grazed a fence, I was not in the vehicle when they got there so they didn't give me a DUI. I was probably very rude and belligerent.
You need an attorney now. It is possible they could try to amend. Please got counsel. I know myself and others offer...
1st offence DUI happeneD 6years ago;fines are cleared according to collections in municipal court ; was homeless at time(and jobless) did not have means to pay fines or probation fees;no truoble with law since
You need to hire an attorney to place the case back on the docket. There is likely a bench warrant on you for failure...
I was supposed to be in court at 2:30 pm today and I called the office they said after today there will be a lock out ?
Lock out? Do you mean they old you the doors to the courtroom will be locked after 2:30?
If, upon reexamination, it is discovered that the subject was convicted on the second DUI while the first charge was still pending, would that be sufficient cause to reduce the felony DUI to a misdemeanor?
As long as at the time of indictment that person has two DUI convictions that person can be prosecuted for felony DUI....