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If, upon reexamination, it is discovered that the subject was convicted on the second DUI while the first charge was still pending, would that be sufficient cause to reduce the felony DUI to a misdemeanor?
As long as at the time of indictment that person has two DUI convictions that person can be prosecuted for felony DUI....
A person is pulled over and arrested for a felony DUI. It is the third time in less than one year. He refused the Breathalyzer test on the second arrest, and his license was revoked. On the third arrest, he blows a .40 and passes out. No injuries or property damage is involved in any of the instances. Can he apply for a hardship license, and most importantly, can he avoid jail time?
The penalty is up to five years imprisonment with the MDOC. Dependent upon the DA's policy and the complete facts of...
Husband got DUI when he was stationed at Great Lakes. He was military so he had to pay all fines associated with the DUI. He was 19 at the time and didn't have a license. Now after 20yrs and having licenses in other states the state of Illinois wants $500 before he can get his license renewed here in Mississippi. Where did this $500 come from? How come its just popping up now?
If only it were that easy. The $500 reinstatement fee is the last step in the process of getting his hold released. He...
hwp shows up and says he smells alcohol and gives me a breath test, he says results where borderline and takes me to station for another test ,i blow .12 , charged with dui first. and i don't think they have the evidence to convict
Then your DUI lawyer should have an easier time defending the case.........
I was supposed to be in court at 2:30 pm today and I called the office they said after today there will be a lock out ?
Lock out? Do you mean they old you the doors to the courtroom will be locked after 2:30?
I received a minor in possession because I was intoxicated and had a case of beer in the truck. I talked to my sister about it and she said I may be able to call the court and possibly settle out of court so I don't have to make an appearance. All I would have to do is a pay a fee and have my court date waived and the offense would be wiped off my record. Is this true? Is there any other way I could go about this?
Unfortunately this type of charge requires an appearance in court. You will be required to make an appearance at your...
can i get some sort of hardship license
Holds from other states must be dealt with in that state before the state of Mississippi will issue any license. Most...