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If you do a DUI breath test at the station, could they then force you to do a blood?
If you elect for the official breath test, could they then turn around and say you have to do a blood test? Would it then count as a refusal if you refused the blood after doing the breath test?
They can get a judge to sign a search warrant for your blood and at that point you can refuse but you will end up in jail.
I have been charged with driving under suspension, eluding police, and DUI
The driving under suspension comes from a prior DWI. I did not stop for the officer and drove home. (eluding police) I never refused a breatherlizer test and no measurement was ever taken, how can they charge me with a DUI? Am i looking at jail time? I have been reading where its manadatory 30 days in Colorado. Is this still true I have hired lawyer already.
The lawyer you already hired should be able to answer your questions. If s/he cannot, then I encourage you to hire a...
Will a DUI/DWI affect my ability to purchase a handgun in the state of Colorado?
I was convicted of a marijuana DWI in the state of Colorado, January 2015. There was no property damage of any kind, I refused the chemical test, and I have completed my probation and have put most of it behind be aside from the interlock and high insurance premiums. I am a 22 year old and am hoping to purchase a Glock 17 or S&W M&P 9 in the coming months. I have no other convictions or charges on my record at this time. Thank you for any insight you might have.
No, but marijuana use may affect your accuracy on the range.
How long can Denver county hold someone after being arrested for DUI?
My friend was arrested yesterday at 1 :45 am booked in at 3 AM on 4/20. It is now 5 AM on 4/21 and she is still there. She has no prior convictions and they granted her a PR bond yesterday at 2 PM after a court date. I am in a panic, have they forgotten about her in a cell? Is this normal? They told me when I called yesterday that she be out by yesterday evening? Please help!
The booking process can be frustratingly long. The time period you described is normal. She should consider hiring a...
Got my first dui with a bac of .089 what can they offer me in court
Got pulled over and they arrest me for a dui but when i got to the jail they took another bac test then they let me go out of jail with out paying anything i only lasted 1 hour
There's no way to answer that without knowing all of the details regarding your case. Please consult privately with a...
What will happen to me? First time marijuana DUI.
I was pulled over during the afternoon for speeding. I was doing 62 in a 40. earlier in the day I had smoked weed in my car before work. I did not drive after. My car smelled still. The officer told me I was being pulled over for speeding. I didn't have an updated insurance card but I do have current insurance and the officer called and checked. He said my car smelled like marijuana even though I wasn't high. I gave him the marijuana I had in my car(less than half a gram, not even a bowl of weed). He said that wasn't enough to make my car smell that way and gave me a sobriety test. He said I failed the test and I was arrested. I was taken to the fire department for a blood test and then to the police department. They did not tell me my Miranda rights. Long story short- my ticket was for DUI, speeding and no proof of insurance (i will bring proof to court). I was crying and shaking because i had never been arrested and never had blood drawn. I'm 21 and this is my first offense. Do I need a lawyer? What could happen? I am so scared. I told another officer I had smoked earlier in the day but not while driving. I'm a regular pot user so I'm scared my levels will Be past legal limit.
If the blood comes back with a THC count that the prosecutor thinks supports a DUI, you're gonna need a lawyer.
Can I be charged for DUI refusal if I was unconscious?
I was involved in a motorcycle accident and received a head injury (acute subdural hematoma) and a broken shoulder. When I awoke the next day in the ICU I had a ticket for a DUI/Refusal and also there is a 'Refusal' noted where I was to sign the ticket. I was not arrested. Also on the ticket it states ''satisfactorily completed as compared to a sober person - yes'. I was not drinking but I am very confused as to why there is a DUI charge, a refusal charge (especially since I was unconscious), and then a statement that I completed as a sober person. (Completed what - I do not know.) The hospital definitely has my blood so I can tell them to use that to prove my innocence but do I need a lawyer for this or is this just something that should be dismissed as it seems to be issued in error.
It appears, through no fault of your own, you've fallen into a serious situation. I wish I could tell you that you...