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About dui
Husband got arrested in '09 for DUI in Denver. Went to court he got a year probation for the DUI and $1000 in fines, sent to classes and had to check in everyday for random UA. After a couple of months we moved because he lost his job. What I want to know is how do we go about getting everything transferred to where we live now? I'm pretty sure he has a warrant in Denver ...what can we do for him not to go to jail and to get this all set to he can pay a fine and probation so he can get his drivers license back.
Yes he's probably got a warrant and violation of probation case waiting for him. He will absolutely need to hire an...
Is this grounds for reasonable suspicion? DUI arrest.
Our car was parked at 2am in a well light strip mall plaza in a very low crime area north of Denver. Myself and two females were standing outside of a car discussing our options to get an Uber. All our phones were out of batteries, but we couldn't find the car charger. Officer pulled behind us and light up his spotlights. He states in the police report that all business' were closed and he could here a mans voice from 100 ft away. Is this reasonable suspicion?
You absolutely have an issue that needs to be fully explored with a skilled criminal defense attorney. They will have...
Can I obtain Toxicology report before arraignment on DUI summons?
I was involved in a single vehicle motorcycle accident and taken to the hospital. I remember taking a breath test at the hospital given by an officer. The officer could not get a good test because of my two collapsed lungs and asked if I would consent to a blood test which I did. How can I obtain the results of the test to see what my charges are going to be?
When the government took your blood they took a vial for you. Depending on what lab was used (ChemaTox, Denver, etc.)...
First time DUI offense. (Colorado)
I got any first DUI and am unfamiliar with how to proceed. My BAC was .188. I have seven days to contact the dmv to request a hearing about my drivers license. I reached out to a lawyer but haven't heard back. Should I talk to one before I call and request a hearing? What should I do?
In a perfect world, yes you should consult with a lawyer BEFORE requesting the hearing. There are some tactical...
2nd DUI 1st one 10 years ago in another state.
I had a DUI 10 years ago. Waiting for a friend in front of an apartment. I got worried about where we parked. I moved to the drivers seat in case yhe car needed to be moved. I fell asleep and cops came. I refused the breathalizer since i was asleep and did not understand them. The second DUI was in Pueblo. Colorado. The DA is giving me a plea as what the state requires can i request for the 40 days in jail like he says and perform the 40 days under work release so i can maintain a job?
I'm not clear on your facts. Is the current charge in Colorado? Regardless, the fact that you were asleep in the...
Just got 3 dui arst. 1st one a Vio./absolute sobriety. 2nd dui: convicted. Now #3. Lots of shoddy police work: See addnl. detail
I had chewing tobacco in while I gave breathalyzer. Cop never told me to take it out. I was told I had no other option but to give blood for second form of alcohol analysis; on recorded police conversation, so I consented to the only test they made available. Multiple legal adults in car who had admitted to drinking(except me), and cop didn't even come to my side of the car until cop told me to get out and do field sobriety. In the middle of a busy one lane per side of the road/CTYhwy with trucks and cars swerving around us into the (paved and yellow barred out) medium in the middle of the sunny day . And I had to use an imaginary line to walk towards cruiser and back. Is there enough to get this dropped all together?
Chewing tobacco can cause problems with breath tests, no doubt, but that problem is nullified considering you've been...
Is there a statute of limitations for DUI?
My second and last DWAI. conviction was 15 years ago. What will I have to do to get my license back?
Not sure I understand your post completely. In order tor e-gain your license, you are going to have to visit the...