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I got a DUI but was not behind the wheel when I was arrested but I told cops I was driving I was intoxicated badly though
My car ran hot and I walked to a store to get water from a near by store .The car was undriveable and I was pulled off to the side of road when I walked back to car that's when the highway patrol was there
Your admission if admissible is sufficient to establish the element of driving or control of the motor vehicle....
How long will it take for me to reinstate my license after taking 4 DUI classes?
I'm from Mississippi and I got stopped in a road block. The state trooper smelled marijuana and gave me a sobriety test. I smoked before I left home but still got charged with DUI. I have to take the maesap classes but need to know how long it will be to get my DLS after those classes
If the attys on Avvo can't answer your question, consider calling a local DUI attorney for a free consultation.
Need probation permission before leaving state?
I was charged with a DUI (alcohol) and am completing nonadjudication. I have 120 days of an interlock system as well as 6 months of probation. In standard first offense cases on probation, are you allowed to leave the state, or must you obtain permission first? Thank you.
Generally, the standard terms of probation require an individual to request permission to travel out of state. I would...
Will a negative UA test affect probation?
I was pulled over for DUI. I am pleading not guilty with nonadjudication, therefore must complete certain requirements to have the DUI stay off my record. Upon arrest, I had bond stating I would show up to court in July. My lawyer called and set my court date for November. From him setting a court date, does that mean I am (or was) off bond now? Some requirements of getting the DUI removed is having an interlock system put into my car and seeing a probation officer once a month. Should I expect to be tested upon my first meeting with my probation officer? If I smoked THC prior to my court date will I be held accountable for that?
To answer your questions in here, no a negative UA will not jeopardize your probation, you are supposed to have...
Are $672 and $683 normal fines for a first offense Fake ID and MIP, respectively.
I was stopped by 4 ABC officers in a parking lot because they saw me with a beer. One of the officers then asked for my ID so I took out my phone and looked in my phone case where I keep all of my cards. I then realized that the only valid identification I had was my student ID, so I told the officer I did not have my license on me and handed him my student ID. He then shined his flashlight on my phone and told me he could see the edge of my fake ID and told me to hand it to him, so I did. He then began to pat me down and took me over to their vehicle to write my citations. As these are my first charges, I'm wondering if these are normal fines as they seem a little much, and also the chances of having the fake ID remanded to my file.
The fines a court is allowed to asses depends on the individual state statutes or city ordinance involved. Often there...
In state of MS, a minor was a passenger on ATV intoxicated adult took them for a ride on their ATV, hit branch near deer plot
parents intoxicated minors with moonshine and themselves, took ATV ride, told police hit fallen branch & flipped, minor sustained severe brain trauma, homeowner and ATV owner (the same) has their ins. tendering policy of $25,000 for ATV; however, claims location of accident was on his mom land, adjacent to his, but he had permission to be on it. questions: #1 would his homeowners apply and why, yes or no; #2 i am sure his mom's homeowners would apply if she had a home on the land, if not, what recourse do I have if the accident did occur on her land??? Would the ATV owner's homeowner apply given that he drove the ATV and was less than 5 minutes from his home at permission of his mom? #3 would any of his three vehicles policy apply, and if so why and/or what coverage would he need to have
With an injury of this nature, you really need to be represented by an attorney. None of us can adequately address...
My husband was charged with a 3rd DUI. His lawyer is still working on the 2nd DUI charge. What are his options to prevent jail?
Full time employed and has contacted job regarding alcoholic program. What could be done to prevent jail time?
You stated that he has an attorney. It would be inappropriate for any random attorney online to venture advice when...