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Is there anything to do that will shorten a 10 year suspension in Indiana? 3 dui ? Has been 4 years now person quit drinking
Person has quit drinking and changed his life style
Not likely but contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
What will happen if I fail a felony probation drug text?
I smoked marijuana a couple of days before my monthly probation meeting. I got a wonderful surprise in the form of a random drug test. I had just used the washroom before the meeting and told her I wouldn't be able to produce enough urine for the test so she administered an oral test. I had also drank alcohol recently, which I am not allowed to do on probation, and confessed that to her hoping that by admitting she wouldn't do the test. She told me the test didn't check for alcohol and asked if I have an alcohol problem etc. I did not admit to having smoked recently and am sure I probably tested positive for thc. I live with my parents and am unemployed but my father works across the street from our house and told me that he saw a county police officer knocking on our door yesterday (Friday) morning around 8 am. I know for a fact that I was at home but I didn't hear anyone at the door. So the question I am trying to get to is would an officer come to arrest me if I did indeed fail the drug test? I am extremely nervous and my father didn't tell me he saw an officer come to the house until this morning so I can't call my attorneys office to explain and ask until Monday
You can't be certain but there is certainly a possibility that the cop was there to arrest you for a probation...
Can I get dui's expunged in IN while being htv?
I got a dui in October of 2016. I had two priors, but they are 8 years ago. The bmv suspended my license for 10 for habitual traffic violator. Can I get the dui's expunged to get my license back?
The problem is the law governing expungements does not allow you to expunge a record if you have had a conviction...
How can someone be punished before being convicted?
I have a friend who was arrested for possession of drugs. They found the drugs in his moms house, who he lives with and they also arrested her. He admitted that everything was his and willing to accept whatever charges may come and they told his mom she was not being charged with anything. However, she is having to go through the pretrial diversion program anyway. How is this not a violation of rights? Isn't the accused innocent until PROVEN guilty or is that just a fancy phrase? Recently, the mother failed a drug test, so is that the same as probation violation or what repercussions will come from that? How is this not entrapment? I'm not a lawyer so that is why I'm consulting you guys, but in my opinion this is a major overstep of authority and it does not allow for due process.
Let's tackle this piece by piece. This has absolutely nothing to do with entrapment. Essentially, entrapment occurs...
WWhat will happen if I am on informal probation and receive a driving while suspended -prior in Indiana ?
I was placed in December of 2016 on informal probation, for driving while suspended -prior. I Have received another driving while suspended, is there any way I can stay out of jail, as I am an only parent for my boys.
You should speak to an attorney where your original case was from. Different counties or judges have different...
Do I have grounds to take legal action against my employer after submitting to an unlawful drug test and passing it?
I texted my supervisor that I was going to be roughly 30mins late. I clock in and walk to my machine. Our HR walks up to me and says she needs to talk to me in her office. I sit down and am briefed. Apparently our dayshift supervisor found a small amount of marijuana hidden on the machine. I was then instructed to take a drug test at a clinic on the other side of town. Mind you there is currently 3 people that use this machine. 1 was on vacation and one was covering for him. So I take the urine test, get the results immediately and pass. I drive back to work and tell HR the results because they won't let me go back to work with out negative results. HR calls the clinic and verified the results. I then ask her is the other operators will be tested as well...she replied with any one who was using your machine will be tested as well. Week goes by and everyone is silent about the drug test results of the of other 2 employees. Finally I ask the dayshift supervisor (the one who found the marijuana) and he said no one else was tested. On top of that, he tells me that the day after I was tested, the employee that was covering for the other one smelled like marijuana and was not tested.
Legal action for doing what? Why do you think the drug test was "unlawful?" You have not been damaged. You have been...
Can I be arrested for driving while suspended if I was let go at the time of the incident?
I am on house arrest and went down for a urine screen and one of the officers saw me driving and asked for my name. Later he told my case worker can I be then charged with a driving while suspended even tho I wasn't at the time or even a violation of house arrest if I wasn't arrested?
Yes. Probably not arrested but certainly charged.