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Will my license be suspended or set aside? Recent wet reckless (.007) and 1 prior DUI 9 years ago.
2 tests were .007. Officer did not take my license (1 prior DUI 9 years ago). Went to jail 3 days. At hearing public defender had DA reduce DUI to wet reckless. Received admin per se temporary (pink paper) 30 days then suspension (or set aside). Will I keep my license? Should I worry about DMV hearing?
You need to retain private counsel. Public defenders can not help you with your license.
Can 9 mo. dui school ordered by the court for 'wet wreckless' (.007) be reduced? DMV sent 'set aside' I have my license.
Had dui 8 yrs. ago (.009).
DMV is separate from the criminal court. Your program can only be modified by the court. You need to go back to court...
Will my DUIs affect my citizenship application?
I am planning to file for citizenship. I have never filed before. Came to US legally as permanent resident over 20 years ago. I have 2 DUIs, one in 2010 and other in 2012. Will I have any issues in getting citizenship?
Yes. Any criminal history in the United States will "affect" an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400)....
DUI refusal or incomplete test?
The breathalizer print out could only get the first blow reading BAC result but not the other two samples due to blowing improperly and therefore the test was aborted. Police officer charged for refusal on his police report since subject couldn't get the other two breath samples and also declined the blood test as well. Why the DA is only charging for a regular dui based on that first sample and not charging or even mentioning a refusal. So weird. Does the first sample make the refusal charge irrelevant or invalid?
It appears that the DA understood that the suspect did not refuse, but that there was a problem instead with the...
How will my misdemeanor DUI affect immigrating to Luxembourg?
Got a job offer in Luxembourg and planning to apply for a work visa there but I have a DUI misdemeanor from 2013 - Will this be an automatic rejection by Luxembourg/EU?
Avvo offers analysis of USA law, not foreign country law like EU states.
DUI Driver license suspension
A driver license suspension was set aside through an ex parte writ of mandate at the superior court. The writ of mandate trial or settlement is still way ahead. In the meantime the dui case in court is almost ready to go to trial or ready for a plea bargain. As far as I know if you are found not guilty at a trial dmv is supposed to return your license. On the other hand if you accept a plea lower than dui as for example dry or wet reckless, or if your dui charge is dismissed before trial you have one year if Im not mistaken in which you can reopen your administrative case with the dmv to reinstate your drivers license. So what happens in the meantime with the writ of mandate case that hasn't settled yet? Can you just abandon the case? Well of course the dmv will want monetary compensation for the trouble as the prevailing party. Has any of you experience that? Thank you
Are you representing yourself in this matter or do you have an attorney?
What can I do for my friend with "false" seeming evidence against him? What are my options?
Friend in jail after 4 counts of vehicular manslaughter and DUI. 450k bail. (Doesn't make enough nor does family have enough to bail him out at 10%). Witnesses say he wasn't in the drivers seat, but his bac was 0.6. Apparently they're trying to make a "lesson" out of him since he was the only survivor of the tragic accident. I know it's not a whole bunch of information but I'm not even In the same country currently, I am just very worried about his wellbeing.
Your friend is obviously facing very serious charges and it's difficult to give clear guidance online with limited...