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Are there any legal steps I can take? I never received a letter notifying me that I had to appear before the DMV within 10 days
I was arrested and charged with a DUI in December 2013 in NY.. At the time I still had a NY license but was a resident of Florida. I took my case to trial and was found NOT GUILTY because at the time of my arrest I was not in operation of a motor vehicle, nor was I in operation of a vehicle at any time. I was standing outside a bar when a cop approached me and asked me if I was drinking. I stated that I had been, no need to lie I had nothing to worry about because I was not driving at all. The cop then asked me if I would submit to a breathalyzer and I kindly declined because why would I, I had not broken any laws nor was I in operation of a motor vehicle. Now I am being told by the NYS DMV that I have to pay $750 for them to lift my suspension so that I can get a FL license.
You are going to have to repost you question in the NY area so you can solicit the advice of NY DUI and traffic...
What happens if I get caught driving a different vehicle that does not have the interlock device?
My license was suspended for 6 months. I was ordered to have the interlock installed for one year. I installed the device and was told after the 6 months I could ride my motorcycle again. Now I'm being told I can only drive the vehicle with the interlock device. Is this true? And What would happen if I got caught on my bike after my license is valid but still within the year of the interlock?
You could be held in violation of the court order to submit to the interlock. The driving is a privilege, thus the...
How to take rights and prove from Intoxicated non custodial parent
I have full custody of child, their is no set visitation threw court only if i allow he could have child every other weekend. I received full custody because non custodial got DUI afew years back. Non custodial parent does not pay child support so license keeps getting suspended.Now to find out when child goes with non custodial parent child tells me he is drunk! I do not know how to prove this in court, or how to stop from him being able to take child. I only allow because he is court ordered to see every other weekend and child has to see father even though its maybe once a month he calls for child. otherwise i would prefer supervised visits. How can i go about taking this to court?
You can file a modification with he court and hire an experience attorney.
Got a DUI in Boston and license is suspended for 8 yrs. Moved to FL. What now?
My boyfriend got a DUI in Boston, MA and his license is suspended for 8 years. He has since moved to FL and is wondering if he can get a license here, either hardship or regular? Also we've heard you can ride an electric scooter in FL with no license. Does this apply to people who's license is suspended in another state?
Contact a Boston DMV and ask if the hold can be lifted and what needs to be done or hire a MA DUI attorney.
What should I do for a 1st time offence less than 20 grams of marijuana in Florida, and I reside in a different county?
I was arrested for less than 20 grams of marijuana and taken to jail. I reside in Sarasota County and this occurred in Marion County, so according to the officer, I was arrested instead of receiving a ticket. I was pulled over and the officer found 1 joint in a garbage bag in my car. Should I hire a regular attorney or get a public defender? Should I find a local attorney in the county I was arrested, or does that not matter? What is this going to look like moving forward? Is my license automatically revoked and how can I find out? Would I know already if I am being charged with a DUI? What is my best possible course of action to get this off of my record? Please help, this is causing me major anxiety.
You need to hire a local attorney. There may be defenses to your arrest. Why were you stopped, was the search legal?...
I was convicted of dui, can restrict me in my home I must a breath intor a breathalizer in my house 5 times a day .
iit was my first offence I am 70 years old
the court can impose reasonable conditions of probation to include alcohol monitoring and house arrest. the court...
Can Police Require Breath Test of Passenger? Do we have to answer their questions?
Can Police Require Breath Test of Passenger? 77-year old mother, with cataracts, had trouble with her headlights, young Siesta Key police officer pulled her over. Asked if she had been drinking. She said “yes, one drink.” Asked me if I had been drinking. I said “yes, one beer.” Gave her breath test. Measured .049. Asked me to drive. Then police asked me to take the breath test! I asked “why, you have no probable cause for a DUI?” Police said they could force us to take cab home. I blew .000. Said he had the right to suspect us since we “admitted we had been drinking.” Is this legal? Can I refuse when I am passenger? Do you have to answer their questions?
Very suspicious facts here. You do not have to submit to a breath test unless you are the driver. Sounds like he...