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She has not paid any money in over a year and I would like foreclose on the promissory note.
I quit claimed my property over to person under the assumption I was continuing on from another property purchase. No money was exchanged. When it was done she said she would pay us back. She was supposed to pay rent until she was able to pay for the property in full. This was a verbal agreement between she and my husband. My husband bought the property in my name.
Unless a note holder also has a deed of trust permitting non-judicial foreclosure, the only way to foreclose in...
Does a misdemeanor dui from 12 years ago have a statute of limitations
the party hasn't renewed their driver's license since this incident and hasn't been in any kind of criminal trouble during this time nor has this person received any further traffic violations during this time period. this person wasn't able to afford to comply with all of the requirements the judge ordered for this dui charge either because of financial hardship
You may want to rephrase your question. The statute of limitations is not in issue here if the person already plead...
What does it mean when the state files a motion "in limine" before a trial in a dui case?
From what i can gather ,the state is trying to supress evidence? What do you think they could be trying to supress in a dwi case?
In most, if not all, criminal trials, not matter the charges, both the defense and prosecution will file motions in...
I was arrested and got a ticket in st.louis modriving while intoxicated and upon my released my ticket was refused/dismissed why
can this charges be brought back up
Too many potential reasons to speculate. If it was a municipal ordinance violation the municipality will argue they...
A felony class C DWI charge in Missouri carries a mandatory 60 days imprisonment. Can the 60 be satisfied through house arrest?
DWI DUI Sentencing
The statute is silent on that. However, it is up to the discretion of the judge to do what he or she wants (as long as...
I recently got my 3rd dwi. My last one was 13 years ago. I didn't blow. Is it mandatory in Jefferson County to go to jail?
I have a job, kids, I'm the scout leader etc. I haven't been in trouble since I got my last one in college. My current attorney says i have to take the felony charge and spend a month in jail. We have not be tk court and I now have a warrant. I am not happy and do not feel comfortable with my current situation.
If you have two prior findings of guilt for DWI, and both satisfy the requirements for a prior, you will be charged...
I had a DUI conviction in Tennessee in 2010....I am not on probation an I have completed all my classes
The problem I have is I have almost 2000 dollars in court cost that I can't afford to pay all at once...I'm now living in another state(Missouri) and I was informed because it went to criminal court I have no other option but to pay it all before I can get my DL back.... Do I have any other options?
In my opinion, no. The court has sent a hold on your license. It will not be lifted until they are paid in full. Your...