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Can someone get a restricted license after a refusal charge gets taken off?
My son had a DUI last year. The DMV said he refused to take a test even though he gave blood and took his license away for a year. The public attorney got that charge dismissed. He pled guilty to a DUI but got some days with trash pickup, classes, and a fine. If they dismissed the refusal charge can he get his restricted license now? If that is not the case then why is it something to get the refusal charge dismissed anyway? My son has a job and needs to get to work. He pled guilty and is doing what he needs to.
Unfortunately, no. The DMV's suspension controls.
Can I get a restricted license with a second DUI?
I heard that I can get a restricted license from the DMV after 90 days if I install an interlock ignition device. Is that true?
Where did you hear that? Just curious. That's true provided you were NOT still on probation for the first offense....
2nd DUI Question regarding my drivers license
I pled guilty to a second dui. My 1st DUI was in 2007. My drivers license was suspended for a year. I thought after 90 days I can drive restricted. I just received a letter from the DMV saying I am suspended for the year unless I get an IID. Can I just get a restricted license after 90 days? Do I need to get an IID? The Public Defender I had was nice but she did not know exactly what the DMV was going to do. Help thank you
You may want to consider retaining a private attorney at this juncture to advise you with respect to the DMV. Public...
How long does it take for DMV to approve restricted license after 2nd dui?
My husband's first dui was in April 2004. He got another April this year. His license has been suspended since June 15th. He will have his 90 days on Sept 12th and I'm wondering if the DMV will approve his restricted license right away assuming all other requirements are taken care of or if there is a long processing time. Thank you!
On a second DUI, the 90 day clock starts upon conviction, not when DMV administratively suspends the license which can...
1st offense DUI (prescription drugs), public defender said I had to plea guilty. Do I HAVE to have a lawyer to change my plea?
I've been sentenced, hired a lawyer to help change my plea. After 6 weeks, lawyer still had nothing done so I ended contract. I had to borrow money for the lawyer, can't afford another. I had evidence I wasn't allowed to present and I thought the PD was looking out for my best interest, but after reading all the cases of 3rd and 4th DUI convictions where they get off, I think my conviction was unfair. The lawyer I hired said it is really difficult to change a plea after sentencing, meaning my case was extremely difficult. I find it hard to believe it would take so long and be so difficult. I'd like to appear before the judge and present the evidence I wasn't permitted to present. Is it possible to appear before the court without a lawyer?
You can appear without a lawyer, but it's not a good idea. It is difficult to withdraw your plea, but under the...
After being arrested for DUI, how much time do the CHP or Police have to draw your blood for the BAC test?
I was arrested after taking the field sobriety test but refused the on site PAS breath test and stated I wanted a blood test. It took several hours to have my blood drawn and I ended up with a .20 BAC. I feel that was not the level at the time of arrest.
You may very well have a rising blood alcohol defense where at the time you were driving, you were under the legal...
I haven't completed my madd classes and the next class is the day after my court date, already got an extension too, help?!!
I am very serious about taking care of everything, my work slowed down, I have the time to finish all my classes now, The judge told me if I didn't enroll for my dui classes, make payments on my fines and finish the madd classes then he would send me to jail for 30 days, I have made the payments and enrolled in my dui classes but the next class is on the 14th and my court date is the 13th! What do I do?!!!
It's tough to predict exactly how the judge will react - I don't know the underlying details of your case, nor do I...