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Can i fight that and remove the dui?
I got pulled over the the breath test came out to 0.8. Police at the moment said that was a dui and probation. Can i fight it?
A .08 breath test result is the best type of DUI case to fight. Please feel free to call me at 707 758-2030 to set up...
Can I obtain a medical card and consume if I have 2 dui and have to take a 9 month program?
I got my second dui and they let me out with work release and alive at 25 also a 9 month dui program. I still got court coming up but I think they said I will be put on informal probation. I don't want to drink at all I just want to know if I can have my marijuana since I go through depression.
That depends on what you were ordered to do or not do while probation. Checked your minute orders and see what...
How if on a ticket it shows no vehicle information, is actually crossed out by a big X, can I be cited and arrested for a DUI
I was cited for a DUI in a vehicle someone else was driving. There is no vehicle information on the ticket at all. Wouldn't that just be a drunk in public or something? I am so confuaed
I'm confused too. Better take that ticket to a local criminal defense attorney's office. I think you posted a...
What kind of jail time am I looking at for driving drunk with a high blood alcohol and a suspended license from over 10 years ag
Was driving drunk with a suspended licence from another DUI over 10 years ago. I fell off the wagon after four deaths in my family one being my life partner of 27 years. No excuse I know but my brain is scrambled. What will happen to me , I have no one in my life now but me.
Sad to hear. Retain counsel and get into a live in center for best results. Best wishes.
Can a city send bill to recover costs for emergency services CA53150 if the person has not yet been convicted of a DUI?
Constitutionally speaking the assumption of guilt should not give permission to send the hill and make a demand for due prior to a conviction. Furthermore the letter received does not provide and rights to dispute or itemization to validate the amount charged. Guilty or not, I am shocked to find that the basic innocent until proven guilty would not apply here. In speaking with the city directly on this we were told " our system generate invoices based on tag filters with certain violation codes noted in the report of a responding officer. We do not have access to court decisions on these matters. We rely on you to dispute it. " I responded " there is no information included that indicates I have any rights and none on a dispute process whatsoever ." And her closing reply was " I should inform you that if you do not pay we will turn you over to collection and then it wil ruin your credit. You apparently have a total dusregard for the law. Would you like me to note that in your fine here or will you be sending in your payment ". This feels like harassment and abuse to recover fees thru intimidation and purposely omitting information if obligation to pay.
Sorry you feel this way, but your complaint is with the legislature.
Can I get House Arrest? FOR 3 DUI in California
Hello, I am convicted of my 3 dui in Sonoma County California. I have a full time job in a winery as a Cellar Master. I have 2 kids 8,and 9 years old. The offer I got was Dui court. However this program will not work with my job situation since I am exposed to vino all day long. Is there another Jail Alternative? ?
Hmmmmmm, if you've been convicted, what does YOUR lawyer say about this?
Alternative writ of mandate against dmv
Can you as the petitioner lawyer file a motion to suppress a chemical refusal charge in a writ of mandate case against the dmv if there are enough grounds in the records and transcripts to do so before the date set for trial?
"Petition a lawyer". " DMV Writ" "suppression motions". " trial".... Asker... You've got just about everyone...