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I was arrested for a DUI by ththey left my vehicle parked at the location of arrest and I discover my vehicle was stolen.
What recourse do I have? My DUI was on 7/30 went to locate the vehicle on thurs evening after work. Friday I called around to locate. Monday was the police report.
You may have a claim of negligence against the department. Your bigger problem is the DUI arrest. Hire an attorney and...
What happens when you get a driving on suspended license in california?
To make a long story short I was driving on highway a sheriff came out of nowhere making it seem like he was in a hury to get past me and two other vehicles. He went ahead all three cars and since I was ahead of the other two he merged onto my lane in front of me. Suddenly he merged onto the shoulder let me and one other car pass he then go back into traffic. Got behind me and pulled me over. His reason was because I'm on probation. I was driving a car not registered to me. Obviously he had nothing better to do then to run my plates. I didn't break no traffic law.
Probation terms/conditions often include a 4th Amendment waiver. Do you have a 4th waiver??
I need advice on my DUI case for my classes and fines/ community service
Hi I went to court in Los Angeles on Apr. 2nd 2012 for a DUI-first offense charge and have to pay a $1738 fine or do 217 hours of community service AND have to do a "substance abuse prevention and control approved first offender (AB541) driving under the influence program" I have until Apr. 2nd 2013 to do both but was supposed to start my classes within 21 days of my charges. I moved to Ventura County in March of this year and I was wondering if there's any way I can do community service AND/or my court ordered classes in Ventura County and if there would be any problems with my late registration for the classes.
You cam probably get some of these conditions transferred but you or your Attorney need to.go to your...
Can I fax paperwork to judge to fight my own dwi case in parish of calcasito. im from california
I blew all 000. at the station he said I could take a blood test or urine test by my own dr here in ca. I passed my urine test. I have no income I am trying to get back pay from ssi for work comp case that ended. I owe money to my bank account. I start a job on 12/2 my court date is 12/8. I just got notice on 11/18 of the court date. I didn't now when to call a public defender . is it to late now to call one can I download paperwork and give it to the jude myself?
You cannot talk to the judge except in open court with the prosecutor present. No court I know of would allow a...
My husband had his 2nd DUI in 1995 in Ventura county. He served time paid fines and attended DUI classes which he never complet
What can be done to get his license. Must he still attend 18 mos of class . Can this be done online or waived because of the time
This must have been his second offense since the court ordered an 18-month class. Your husband will have to complete...
Can I terminate probation early in Ventura County for DUI w/ injury if no restitution was ordered?
I've completed all the terms of my sentence for misdemeanor DUI w/ injury in Ventura County. I'm 18 months into my 36 months of probation and would like to terminate probation early. Restitution has never been ordered by the probation department. A civil case was filed and settled. I contributed to the civil settlement. Can I terminate probation early? Or should I expect the judge to ask the probation department to order restitution if I file a motion to terminate probation early?
Ventura County is not the friendliest of counties when it comes to criminal defendants. You might want to contact the...
Do Probation KIOSK machines ask you to take a urine or saliva test if you are on for a DUI?
Just curious because sometimes at the end it says I owe money and to report to collection when I know I don't owe money and have even confirmed with them. I don't want to just press okey to a "report for testing option". I should read them much slower in the future.
If the kiosk directs you to report for testing, you must report.