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UPDATED QUESTION: Why have California Highway Patrol returned my license after arresting me for a DUI 2 weeks ago? (blew .7- .6)
I was arrested 2 weeks ago. My car ran out of gas and a very kind gas station owner was helping me at the side of the freeway. The officer stopped to ask what the situation was. I explained I had ran out of gas and gone to the nearest gas station to get help. They searched the gas station owner and my car. After being asked if I'd had a drink I admitted to having one large glass of red wine earlier in the evening. I passed the sobriety tests with ease but after doing the breathalyzer at the side of the road I was arrested. The two breathalyzer tests at the station showed .7 and.6 (bare in mind I am underweight). My license was taken off me and I was given temporary 30 day pink slip. However, I got home from work today and my license has been returned in the post. It was returned by California Highway Patrol.
This is likely because the CHP is not supposed to seize your drivers license unless an evidentiary (not roadside...
Will I be required to fulfill out of state requirements for dui conviction after moving to CA
Dui conviction in AZ moved to CA AZ required ignition interlock device. Do I need to abide by that ruling
First, you need to complete whatever requirements the court in AZ imposed. You'll them need to speak to the folks at...
Is 40508 A vc and 405095 vc a violation of dui probation?
Unfortunately I had not realized I had a court date 6 months ago due to missing a top sign. This happened in the last 3 moths of my informal dui probation (3 years). I learned today my license has been suspended. I was wondering now if this would get me into a lot of trouble and would be considered a probation violation?
Your post is somewhat unclear. If you have completed your probation you cannot be violated for something that happened...
Will two DUI convictions in PA cause a problem when traveling to Ireland and Iceland?
It may be an issue for entry into those countries. You will need to speak with immigration attorneys licensed to...
Can I drive my Taxi with a California Restricted Drivers Licenese?
I was involved in a accident with someone elses car that I did not know wasnt carrying insurance. My driver license has not been suspended yet or I dont know if it will but just in case it does can I drive my Taxi with a restricted drivers license because this is how I feed my family and my only source of income. Thank you.
Why is your license suspended? The insurance issue could suspend your license for one year or more . Get an attorney !
Required to have IID and got a speeding ticket while driving a vehicle with no IID. Can I still go to traffic school?
Due to a recent DUI conviction in Santa Monica, I am required to have an ignition interlock device installed in my car. While traveling for work, I was driving a rental car (which didn't have an ignition interlock device), I got a speeding ticket for driving 37 mph in 25 mph zone in Larkspur, CA. The cop only ticketed me for speeding and didn't say a word about the IID restriction I had on my driver license. I have not been to traffic school in last 18 months so I would qualify if I didn't have the DUI and the IID restriction on my driver license. My questions are: 1. Will I still be able to go to traffic school to avoid this speeding ticket adding a point to my driving record? 2. Can the police, DMV, or court come back and add the violation of driving a vehicle without IID?
Ask for traffic school. And yes, the police or the court can add a charge for driving without an IID installed.
Can someone who has Felony Probation live in the same home as someone who has DUI, informal probation?
The felony Probation consists of surprise visits from her Probation Officer, will they be in trouble if they live with someone on informal probation?
Typically, the terms of probation include something like "do not associate with persons known to be on probation,...