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DUI expungement
In 2007 when I was 18 I got a DUI in CA. It was the first time I had been in trouble and I haven't been in trouble since. I plead no contest to 1) 23152(a) VC M 2) 23152(b) VC M and then it says ct 1 was dismissed. I received 3 years of unsupervised probations and 3 months of alcohol classes which were all completed. I wanted to see about getting my DUI expunged, I printed forms CR-180 and MC-031. I now live in Oregon so I wanted to ask if this is something I will be able to do from up here and without a lawyer? Thank you in advance for your help!
Some county courts in California will have instructions on how to petition for a PC 1203.4 explaining how many copies...
Do I have to pay DUI fees from 1995 if I can't prove that I paid it? Is there a statute of limitations on this?
I got a DUI back in 1995 and I completed my classes and paid the fees and got my license back. Recently I got a demand for payment from Ventura Superior Court, I contacted them and explained that I paid them and got my license reinstated. I don't have any receipts from 20 years ago and my bank doesn't have statements from 1995 so I have no way of proving that I paid it, other than my valid California driver's license.
I think that this is more able to be answered by a criminal defense attorney
Should I get a DUI lawyer? Not sure it'd be worth my while with a 0.18 bac
Driving home from bar (St. Patrick's night), the light just before reaching house had turned yellow. I chose to take my chances and go through. Immediately after crossing the line, light turned red. I was pulled over within half a block. The officer did not care for "my attitude", asked that I step out of car. I completed 2 separate field sobriety tests by both officers. I'm then told I'd have to perform a breathalyser/blood test. I opted for breathalyser. This test was given SEVERAL times, due to accusations of my breathing in not out (this was not at all the case). They said I'd be forced to give blood if I didn't comply, so I then requested a blood test; they responded that wasn't necessary if I complied. Finally, a BAC of 0.18 was reached. I was arrested, without mention of charges.
You may have a defense, particularly as it pertains to the lawfulness of the initial stop. If you entered the...
14601.2(A) effecting unsupervised probation?
My sister is an idiot. She was convicted of a DUI in January. In June she was arrested and charged with the following: M VC14601.2(A) Drive W/License Suspended For Drunk Driving I VC16028(A) Fail To Provide Evidence Financial Responsibility M PC166(A)(4) Contempt Of Court:Disobey Court Order/Process She blew off her court date in September and now there's a bench warrant issued for her. My question is, if she just lets the bench warrant hang like so many people do, will it effect the fact that her unsupervised probation is up in January?
Count on it. That may well trigger her being picked up on the bench warrant. She needs a lawyer and perhaps some...
Will i get jail time?
Got arrested for driving too slow was drinking an driving BAC was 0.08 i have no license had open beer cans in the car i am an illegal alien will i get jail time when i go to court?? This is my first offense ever
Based in the facts that you have provided, jail time is unlikely. But you should focus on defending the case with a...
What is the legal procedures on suing a business that served alcohol to my minor children ages 15 and 18.
A business served alcohol to my children without properly id them and I have images of the proof . I've contacted the director of business and has mentioned four days after this incident. They changed alot of their policy's and the director refuses to contact me again . So what more can I do.
This is not the right forum for this question. Guys like me defend such businesses. But let me ask, what exactly are...
How much time would it be for battery , or battery assult not sure wich one , vihicular manslaughter , ( 1 death ) & a DUI ?
My boyfriend had an accident by trying to beat a yellow light but they put it as a red light , they accuse him of vihicular manslaughter , ( one death ) , a DUI ( he came out that he wasn't Drunk but did come out with a drug ; officers are trying to find out if the medicine they gave him at the hospital was the reason why he came out with a drug ) . & now for battery assult . ( not sure if battery assult is one , or if its battery & assult ? )
You're missing a ton of information before anybody could even guess what he may be charged with. Vehicular manslaughter...