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If my insurance finds out that I damaged someone's car while intoxicated (not while driving), does this violate DUI probation?
I accidentally damaged someone's car while intoxicated in a parking lot, but neither of us were driving. I'm hoping to claim this through my insurance so that I will be protected from unreasonably high demands from the other party. I am definitely willing to pay for the damages. I had a 1st DUI (California) that was within 3 years from the date of the incident. If I tell my insurance company that I was drunk (not driving) when I accidentally damaged someone's car, will this somehow get me in trouble with the court or DMV? Thank you for your time!
The insurance company has no power to violate your probation but I do not see how you damaged someone's car if you were...
Taken to collections by California Highway Patrol, how can I fight this?
Hello, in 2010 i plead no contest to a misdemeanor DUI. 14 months later, I received a bill from the California Highway Patrol charging me 733 dollars relating to their costs for this. I spoke to my attorney at the time, and he said this is customary for them to try to milk even more money out of people because sometimes people will just pay and to disregard it. It is now 2015 and I just checked my credit report, and I have been taken to collections by the CHP for this "debt". I want to know what I can do to fight this and have it removed from my credit report because I do not believe this is right to charge me anything but the fines I have paid years ago levied against me by the court. Thank you for your help.
Talk to the attorney who told you to disregard it. Then talk to some other attorneys, because I don't think that...
I am the grandmother who was given temporary custody of my granddaughter at birth when her mom was serving a dui sentence
before she became a 1st time mom but t my care one month later on the tip from an anonymous reporter that I had kidnapped her, all lies. Judge deemed no services to mom or me and I never saw her again In the dependency hearings I was denied access to the reports where all the lies that jurisdiction was founded on were due to me I was never able to read or confront the authors. Services were bypassed due to her DUI w injury 3 years before she was a mom. I appealed the order, read court record for the first time realized how badly I was lied about, i explained all this to the appeals court but my appeal was dismissed as moot do to lack of standing. CPS stole our child w/o grounds,denied due process.Can mother join in my appeal to have standing? Any other suggestions?
What a tangled mess! I would most definitely sit down with a family law attorney who has experience in such issues....
What does the "Violation Level" mean?
A friend was arrested for DUI 23152 (a) & (b) in Santa Cruz Ca. The arrest information I saw was : Violation Code:23152(A)/23152(B) Violation Description:DUI:ALCHO Violation Level M What does the "Violation Level" mean? Is there a correlation to BAC?
This means it is a Misdemeanor, punishable by 6 months in county jail for a first time offense, almost a year for a...
I asked my roomys intoxicated boyfriend to leave my house, I locked him out, he called cops. Do I have to answer the door?
My roommates boyfriend stays the night a lot! He broke up with her. Later that night he comes over intoxicated and walks into my home. When I asked him to leave he got physical with me, I pushed him out and locked the door. He called the cops, claiming he lived here. I turned off lights and went to bed. When the cops came I didn't Answer the door. They knocked three times and never once identified themselves. They left . I did not have to respond to their knock did I?
You are fine. If they had identified themselves and had asked you to open up, you would have had the obligation to...
What are my chances of winning a DUI case with a .11 BAC
I was pulled and charged with a DUI. I did not have any alcohol in at least 20 hours before the stop. (I did drink for 3 days straight and I have a high tolerance). I was feeling very hungover still but I didn't think I had any alcohol in my system. The officer who pulled me over said I was looking at my phone and playing really loud music. I gave him my license right away. He then said he could smell alcohol and was requesting back up. I was asked to get out of the car to wait for the "experts" to administer a sobriety test. I failed all 3 test but I was sleep deprived and I have a bad knee. I agreed to a brethalyzer test thinking there is NO WAY I was over .08. I blew .10 at the scene and .11 at the hospital. I was not impaired to drive and was coherent an cooperative. Why a BAC of .11?
Your chances on these facts are slim to none
My wife is handicapped (major brain injury at age 12 caused by a drunk driver) She repeatedly gets embarrassed by YELP
My wife is handicapped (major brain injury at age 12 caused by a drunk driver) and (dark skinned-mixed race). She repeatedly gets smeared on Yelp for her disability. These reviews are not intentionally against the handicapped, as the person posting the review has no idea that my wife is handicapped. These reviews can also be interpreted to be raciest as they are insulting my wife’s English and demanding that she speak like an american. I have tried repeatedly to get Yelp to take these down these posts including telling them about her injury with no success. It has gotten so bad I am contemplating publishing my wife’s handicap as a reply under each smear post. However that will likely worsen the situation as then people will bring it up in the office and embarrass her more.
I'm not understanding what your question is. Can't she take your profile down?