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My 20 year old got a 21340 infraction citation here in CA. Is this something we can handle ourselves, or is an attorney necessa
My 20 year old got a 21340 infraction citation here in CA. His license was taken by the CHP and he was issued a temp. No other offenses were listed on the citation. I know we need to schedule a DMV hearing, but do we need an attorney, or can we deal with this on our own?
He can either handle it on his own or hire an attorney. He's looking at a 1 year suspension of his license so its good...
How much longer will she been in twin towers if she has been accepted for house arrest?
My sister turned herself in on June,22nd 2015 and is now booked in Twin Towers , Los Angeles CA. her release date is set for Oct 19, 2015. While in there she filled out the paper work to get on house arrest and she was qualified. Somebody has already called asking if she can stay with me while being placed in it and I told them "YES". He asked a few more questions and that was it. He also advised me it would take 4-5 business days for the paperwork to be processed. And so far its been 1 week. and she is still not out. What's taking so long? Should I be worried? Who can I contact? The operator # for Twin Towers they have no information to provide me but just the overall release date. They are no help!!!! Went in for 3rd DUI and added time for something else.
Be patient. It's summer time and lots of people are on vacation, so things slow down. It really hasn't been that long....
IS my license still suspended if it was returned to me the night of my DUI? Second blow was .07 once at station and i released.
Had 2 beer's. Blew a .085 was not taken to jail due to heart condition and multiple medical problems. Am not coordinated due to lack of motor skills and health issues. CHP officers were very polite and understanding to my health issues. CHP took me to the station to fill out paperwork and blow again. Blew a .07 at the station and had my license then returned to me and was released to a friend who drove me home in my car that was not impounded. I am on multiple anticoagulants and blood thinners as well as anxiety medication. I am approved by doctors to enjoy a alcohol on occasion. Confused about payments that i need to make at the DMV and what i need to apply for a license ? Live far from work and lot's of doctors appointments as well as weekly blood tests
It sounds like at this point your license is valid. You should contact an attorney or Mandatory Actions in Sacramento...
I believe my criminal defense attorney lost my case on purpose plus broke confidentiality.
DUI case .07 .06 with minor injury. Jury selection 5 retired officers sat in jury box. used up 4 of my preempts. 4 others knew each other from church. Did not get a jury of my peers. My defense led the PA wittiness like he was co-counsel during cross to my detriment. He sold me on hiring an accident re-constructionist who was not able to testify as one. He wanted me to trade places with my Forensic Toxicologist with the States and have the State's expert testify last. When I refused, and paid another $700 for my guy to travel back, he kept the police officer on the entire day so that the State's expert could be recalled after my expert on the next day. I told him we could play the recall of experts all day. He allowed the States expert to remain in court to help the PA. moreinfoe
I presume that you were convicted? Have you filed a notice of appeal? If your attorney was grossly negligent or...
I need to get permission from DMV to finish my 18 months DUI school online. My DUI's in California and I am resident of CA.
For the past seven years since my DUI I was not able to finished 18 months DUI program. I started several times but was forced to dropped. Reasons are: working 24/7 as a caregiver, moving different places, not able to drive (lived alone), sickness for 2 years. Now I live in rural area 55 miles away from the nearest school, no transportation. How can I convinced Mandatory Action Unit to let me take classes online. This is only option available to me but Law in CA doesn't let CA residents to do this. Is there someone can help me with this matter?
Sorry, but the DMV is a beast regarding these issues. There is no online option.
What should I except asking for a re referral to dui classes?
I got a dui over and year ago and have yet to start classes due to money issues. I'm going to court first thing in the morning to ask for a re referral? Can I do this through the clerk or should I be expecting to see a judge? What should I expect I'm very nervous
You should be expecting to see a judge. Something that old will require some explaining. Don't let it sound like an...
Will your license be suspended for a failure to appear on a dui
Will the dmv suspend someone's license on a FTA on a dui
Yes...that happens all the time, then u have go into court and get proof u took care of your court case (this is called...