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Drunk in public (647f) California
Last week i was arrested for drunk in public. I am sure i was Innocent and was picked up by mistake. What happened : I was with my friend in a bar ( Both are adult - above 21 years of age) , We came out of the club to take some fresh air, I dont remember somehow my friend got stuck in some discussion with a police officer, I just went and intervene that discussion curious to know whats going on? Police officer asked me to get aside and ask few question like , if i am drunk or something, I behaved very respectfully and cooperated with the police, However the Police asked me to do a breath analyzer , Since i had 1-2 beer over last 2 hours, so i decided deny the test, said i wont blow in the breath analyzer, I suppose this made the police officer pissed off and he said i am arrested for drunk in public, I was put in jail for the night and released next morning with a court date in july and section 647f. I just cooperated with police officer and followed his instruction. I dont have any criminal history and have never been arrested. I dont have any traffic ticket even. I am on work visa and little worried if that can impact my future visa extension. Can this be dismissed?
At this point you should probably talk to an attorney directly to avoid any issues with your visa. If the DA files...
Got taken into custody for drunk in public and later got a detention letter, H1B visa stamping security clearance question?
I was taken into custody for drunk in public 3 weeks back , I was finger printed and was taken into custody for overnight. In the early morning i was set free and got a yellow paper which says 647f and got a court date. Yesterday i received a Detention certificate letter from the police officer from same police department county stating that: "As Required by the provisions of Penal code section 851.6, I hereby certify that the taking into custody of: (My First Name And Last Name) on XX/XX/XXX by the XXX police department was a DETENTION ONLY , NOT AN ARREST" MY QUESTION: I am going back to my country for H1B visa stamping , and i need to fill up a DS160 form , which has a question: "Have you been ever arrested/Convicted?" What should i say based on the detention letter i received ? A "Yes" Or "No" for this question???
You should ask yourself if you are barred from admission to the U.S. due to alcoholism. The non-arrest is not even an...
How can I have a DUI from California transferred to my home state of Oregon?
I was visiting San Jose, California to watch the US mens soccer team play a world cup qualifying match. I had a couple of drinks at the game. I was pulled over after the match and arrested for DUI. I blew a .10. I spent the night in jail. Now I am wondering if it's possible for me to have the DUI transferred to Oregon.
The answer is no, it cannot be done. Since you live so far, best to hire an attorney, he/she can appear for you and...
What's the "typical" judgment or penalty that a judge hands out for driving on a sus license from dropping Dui class
Family issues back home and i forgot to ask my program for a leav of absence. So I got dropped. Lost insurance as well. Bam!, suspension. I reinstated with my program ( 1 step towards restricted license ). Drove to work a few days after and was going to leave early in order to take part of task #2 for restricted license (pay DMV $. THATS IT! Just give them $) that morning I got pulled over for excessive speed (NO RADAR). The rest is history. Wondering if I really need to get an attorney for this or is "first offense" a pretty standard punishment. Thank you
Driving on a suspended license is another offense. You'll also be looking at a violation of probation. Result will be...
If I have a dui and I'm in probation can I travel
i live in California. Want to travel to vegas can I or I can't ?
You need to ask your Probation Officer. Good luck.
Can I reopen my DUI case from 2010? (Santa Clara County, California case)
In 2010, I was in a bad relationship and my boyfriend was my designated driver. He was not a good person and he tried to take advantage of me. The car go into an accident and he left me in the car with car half on the side curb. Car was on and obviously being inebriated at that time, my smart mind thought that I should get the car off the curb and park it properly. To my worst luck, that is when the police drove by and pulled me over and I got convicted of DUI. I did not know much and paid A LOT for an attorney who did not present my case properly I feel. He never told my point to court and never let me speak in court either. I had witnesses from the party we left that he was my designated driver. I wish we could present all this. I understand that I was in that seat and drove for the mili second which is not legal, but I had no intention of harming anyone or myself by driving under the influence. I wish I was able to present my case better. The reason this is harming me now is because I have been in this country for over 24 years legally, but never filed for citizenship. I want to file for citizenship but this is affecting my record. What can I do?
I'm moving your question to the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Should I worry about deportation? Single DUI conviction/ 2009 BC .13%/ minimum charge/ Greencard holder
Last year, I got greencard after interview since I have a arrest history with Single DUI conviction/ 2009. I am so scared since executive order of Trump said Single DUI conviction can deport non citizenship person. Everyday after trump's election, I am worrying about this. 1.Single DUI conviction/ 2009/ BC .13%/ I had H1B visa 2.minimum charge/ 3.Greencard holder(since 2016) Could you please share your opinion or concern for me? help me out~
Yes, you should worry. You've been watching the news lately, right? Only full blown citizens are not worried about...