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Can she still be charged with an DUI?
I have a legal question regarding a possible DUI in Santa Ana CA. My GF was involved in an unfortunate accident, in where she was knocked unconscious for nearly 30 min. The details around the accident are daunting so won’t go into too much detail. The other drivers say she caused the accident and so does the police report. However, damages on each of the vehicle suggest otherwise. She passed their field tests still, the police offers felt compelled she was under "the influence". At the scene, she was arrested and taken down to the station for a blood test. Blood test showed positive for Marijuana and Lorazepam. She suffers from a condition that makes her vomit uncontrollably for hours. The only medication that would sedate her was Ativan. She was in the hospital just 3 days before the crash, so this isn't medication that was technically prescribed as an ongoing solution to her vomiting. Within just a couple of weeks I think she had about 3 - 4 ER visits in which they administered Ativan to reduce her symptoms, before the crash. This is also the reason why she started to smoke marijuana, to help control her nausea. Test results came back with 65ng/ml for Ativan.
In a word, YES, she can be charged with driving under the influence.
Is there a way to avoid these irrelevant meetings
I enrolled in an 18 month alcohol program they require me to goto self help meetings however the department of health and safety nor the judge required that I do self help meetings
The meetings are a requirement of the class and are thus highly relevant. Ask them if there's an alternative, but be...
Questions on a first time DUI Probation Violation and subsequent Bench Warrant.
I received my first DUI over a year ago and have no prior convictions. I followed all of the rules regarding my informal probation, however I did get behind on my payments to the court for the fee's. I am 5 months behind in payments (5 x $80.00) because i believed i was enrolled in auto-pay. I have ($1,500) remaining on my balance that I owe to the court. I now have a Bench Warrant, however I do not know the details of the warrant and can only assume it is regarding these late payments. I'm prepared to pay the court $1,000 to over 'Catch-up' my account and show goodwill, then resume normal monthly payments. How can I find out the exact reason why a bench warrant was issued? Will paying $1,000 be sufficient for the judge and reduce my risk of a harsh penalty IE; Jail Time? Or should i wait until i can pay the full amount before going to the courthouse? What is the likelihood that the judge will see this as a mistaken probation violation and give me a 'break'?
An attorney that practices in Orange County can look up your case and see the reason why the warrant was issued. Often,...
What are my chances of reducing my DUI charge. I blew a .11% BAC
I was driving home on the freeway at 2:30am, had two drinks before, I hadn't eaten food all day. I wanted to drive safe, and slowed my driving to 55-60mph. I got pulled over and cop said I was "driving 55mph and not driving steadily straight", that really confused me cause I wasn't swerving and I wasn't going out of my lane. That's just the way I drive. I passed 2 sobriety tests with flying colors until the breathalyzer showed .11%. I felt fine and I think it's because I had a couple beers without food and much sleep. What are my chances of getting it reduced to Reckless Driving instead of a DUI. If this helps, it's my FIRST dui, never been arrested, never gotten a ticket, or jail, and I'm a 3.68 GPA student.
Sorry this happened to you. You should consult with a good, local defense attorney right away. There is also a 10 day...
Will I get jail time for 2nd DUI in OC while on probation for first?
I received my 2nd DUI less than a year from my 1st DUI in Orange County, CA. I am obviously still on probation for my first DUI offense. What is the likelihood that I will serve jail time? Any idea what's standard for Orange County?
Standard would be "yes, you will serve jail time". If you hire a lawyer, your chances of not spending time at the...
How long does it take for me to be put on calendar and see a judge?
First DUI. I've been dealing with the Orange County court. I haven't completed my community service and I won't be able to by the deadline. The clerk told me I would be put on calendar to see a judge if I didn't complete it. I was hoping I could finish the last few days before I have to see the judge.
The clerk's office will be able to tell you how long it takes to get on calendar.
How long will they suspend my license? And is it possible to get permission to be able to drive at my work? .19% alcohol?
What's expected for me after getting a dui with .19% alcohol. It's my first dui, with no criminal history And i didn't cause no accident. A police officer pulled me over for going 45 on a 35 speed limit street. Will i be able to have it off my record.
if orange county, then possible jail of 5 days or 96 hours, or no jail if good attorney. Will not go off record. You...