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Was charged with dui
Never adivse me of adverse consequences of not doing field sobreity exercises test he said only if i refuse it can be use against me in law he should of adverse consequences?
That is the adverse consequence. Your refusal can be used against you in a court of law.
Have 4 dui on my lic re ord
I was never charged in court with 4.. My last dui was in 2000 was charged,With 3rd dui..dmv says they found a 4 th one 1992 they all were added ti my record ."even had lic for 6 years then dmvrevoked them. cauae they found that one dont tje court have to charge me with 4 how can dmv do it
DMV can do whatever it wants. If you think that they are screwing you then don;t bellyache about it on line......
I an under investigation for DUI and my car has some damage (no injuries just auto damage to only my car). Will insurance cover?
Want to know if Progressive will cover the collision damage based on the circumstances? I don't want to call them and ask.
You should look at the terms of your policy for when you would be excluded for such benefits. In any event, if you do...
What percentage of dui convictions get sent to treatment by the florida safety council
I understand that if you wait until you get sentenced you will be locked in to the expensive providers from the safety council. but if you get started before you get sentenced you can go anywhere you want
You always do the class and evaluation as the Safety Council. If referred to counseling, then you pick the provider. I...
Do I need an attorney to help with early termination of probation?
I have been on probation for a misdemeanor for nearly six months (court ruled one a year). All requirements by the court have been met and my probation office approached me and said that he would go to the judge at the end of the sixth month and apply for early termination. Do I need my attorney to approach the judge also?
No. Not if your probation officer asks the judge for you. This is done a lot in Seminole County.
License suspended twice (6 months and 2 years) on a drug charge. Possible if its the same exact charge? ??
In March 2011 I was arrested for possession of cannabis under 20 with intent and tampering. I turned 18 in May. In August 2011 I was given juvenile probation, until 19, one of the sanctions being my drivers license suspended for 6 months. Then in September I was arrested for resisting w/o violence (no other charges), giving me a new charge VOP. When I bonded out I head to letters from the DMV both suspension notices. Both post marked the same day (after the resisting and VOP date). The first letter informed me of a 6 Month suspension as the judge had ordered. The second stated two years. Both letters had identical information, as in case number. The resisting charged ended in a null processque. And the VOP never went through because my juvenile probation was unsuccessfully terminated.
A conviction of adjudication of guilt for a chapter 893 drug charge in Florida generally has a 2 year license...
Suspended without pay pending outcome of court case
I have been charged with DUI manslaughter and DUI with serious bodily injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident. I have been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case, based on "committing" a "violent act". Can I receive unemployment benefits in Florida during this suspension?
The fact that you have been charged my be a valid basis for your job suspension, as the accusation is a Felony. You...