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Non-DUI ARD Program Concerns, Northwest Pennsylvania
Dec. 12th of 2014 I was pulled over for a blown license plate light on my car. I was cited, not arrested, for Simple Possession of Marijuana (2 small marijuana joints), Poss. of Paraphernalia (a pack of cigarettes which they were in) and No Rear Lights (Summary). I've gone to and waived my prelim in mid-January. My arraignment set for late March was waived. I've set up a payment plan with the county clerks for Non-DUI ARD for which I've made no payments but was required to get considered for ARD. I have a 'call of the list' trail date June 2nd. My concerns are: Will I be placed on Non-DUI ARD at this date or at a later date learned at the 'call of the list'? How long will my license be suspended if at all? What can I do proactively to lessen length of probation? Thank you for your time.
Your questions are all legitimate and it is commendable that you are trying to be proactive. However, if you are...
Can I be tried for a dui, if I was never charged until 13 months later?
I was involved in a crash, occupant grabbed the wheel causing the crash. I was arrested on suspicion of dui. submitted to blood test. Bac came back at .04 the da waited 13 months before charging me with dui. Can I beat this charge?
The answer is maybe. Your question raises two issues. First, a statute of limitations. Are you being charged with...
6 DUI charges within 2 day?
My boyfriend was drinking and on drugs driving wrecked into a telephone pole the first day he was charged the next day he rolled he car and totaled it.he was charged again.these are he charges for the first one DUI: Controlled Substance - Schedule 2 or 3 - 1st Offense,Reckless Driving,DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off,DUI: Controlled Substance or Metabolite 1st Offense.the second time DUI: Controlled Substance - Schedule 2 or 3 - 1st Offense,DUI: Controlled Substance - Impaired Ability - 1st Offense,Disregard Traffic Lane (Single,Careless Driving,Acci Dam To Unattended Veh Or Property. Will they combine these charges? How much jail time do you think he will get?
I'm sorry, I had to laugh at your question. Obviously this is an extremely rare situation. We can sit here and...
If convicted with a DUI first offense, can that person serve the ARD in the state of Ohio?
1rst offense ARD classes wanting to move to the west side of Cleveland, (Wellington, Ohio) to be closer to family. arrested on May 5 with blood alcohol level .178
yes AR D is not formal probation so supervision does not have to be transferred across state lines. I have handled many...
I have aggravated assualt while dui because the man broke his leg .. in pa .. only a metabolite of marijuana was found ....
what kind of plea will i get any guess would help ... im remoresful but im very scared
You are looking at jail time. Courts and District Attorneys don't take these case lightly. You need to get a good...
What would Consequence of a harassment charge by phone calls only with no threats of any kind and a prior DUI that was droppe d.
Basically made unwanted calls to someone with no threats of any kind. This person also works in the forensic department in her county and knows the law.
If you continually call with no legitimate purpose you can technically be charged with a crime; however, if you stop...
Had a domestic with my step son,,cops came and arrested me in my home.They charged me with assault and dui.
The police told my wife and son to put in the police statements that they saw me drive the car because they were gonna charge me with dui.Can the police due that,coerce the witness statements or is that an illegal dui charge.They had no probable cause for the dui charge in the first place.
There are many issues here. Therefore, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.