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How can I get a license in Mississippi if I had one suspended in Kentucky?
So I had my license suspended for 90 days in Kentucky over 3 years ago. Its been way over the suspended time but I was also supposed to take a DUI course I couldn't afford at the time. I now live in Mississippi and need my license back. How do I go about doing that?
In all probability, you are going to have to clear up the suspended license in Kentucky before Mississippi will issue a...
In state of MS, a minor was a passenger on ATV intoxicated adult took them for a ride on their ATV, hit branch near deer plot
parents intoxicated minors with moonshine and themselves, took ATV ride, told police hit fallen branch & flipped, minor sustained severe brain trauma, homeowner and ATV owner (the same) has their ins. tendering policy of $25,000 for ATV; however, claims location of accident was on his mom land, adjacent to his, but he had permission to be on it. questions: #1 would his homeowners apply and why, yes or no; #2 i am sure his mom's homeowners would apply if she had a home on the land, if not, what recourse do I have if the accident did occur on her land??? Would the ATV owner's homeowner apply given that he drove the ATV and was less than 5 minutes from his home at permission of his mom? #3 would any of his three vehicles policy apply, and if so why and/or what coverage would he need to have
With an injury of this nature, you really need to be represented by an attorney. None of us can adequately address...
I have a reccord of going to give blood,This is in my file from previce sherrif.Well new sherrif is charging a DUI to me 13 year
i want to know can thet cgarge me the DUI 13 years later. Now the offscer a state cop'.
Of course the charge can be made, but remember the state still has the burden of proof. A 13 year delay is ripe for a...
I was charged with an DUI, how do I go about not having this on my record?
I lost my job because of this charge, was not informed about the non judicial system until I paid my fine off
It's unclear from your question whether you have been convicted or not of DUI. If you have not been convicted, then...
Can I get a a first DUI expunged if I have a second DUI??
I was 18 when I got my first DUI and my attorney was supposed to get it expunged but I found out when I got a second DUI it wasn't expunged. Can I still have it expunged? Unfortunately I was young and dumb on the first one and wasted my money on a sorry attorney.
You can not expunge the first one now, and unfortunately you can't non-adjudicate the second one. However, you may be...
What should be my next course of action with a scenario such as this?
I rear ended a non moving car in the middle of the road on a state highway in Mississippi. I have smoked marijuana under an hour before the accident and was caught with 2 or less grams of marijuana under the driver seat of the car. I was charged with DUI and possession in a motor vehicle and the driver of the other vehicle was ticketed for not having insurance. There is still minor details that are left but this is the tip of the iceberg. What should be my best step or possibly reaching a lower penalty ,and I am a first time offender to both charges. Plus, I was not told the consequences of refusing to take a urine test to test THC levels and was curious how this and me saying no to the urine test would affect the case.
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Can a judge suspend your time you have already served?
got ten years 5 suspended, i did five years violated probation judge gave me 5 back and suspended 5 again that makes fifteen years, so hes suspendin my five years i already did?
Are you sure the judge didn't just re-impose the five years actual (giving you credit for time previously served) and...