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What are the maximum punishments for a first offense Zero Tolerance - OWI in Michigan?
I was convicted of a Zero Tolerance OWI. What are all of the punishments I could face with this charge? What is the worst thing that can happen? Thank you.
Worst thing is 93 days in jail. However this is unlikely. Obtain a local attorney with whom you are comfortable with....
I'm on non reporting probation for a zero tolerance owi. While on probation I received a MIP. What will happen?
I received the MIP by a school cop in Ottawa County, MI. I did not blow into a breathalyzer or anything so I have no BAC. I'm very remorseful and saddened by the situation and don't want to face jail time because I'm a student. What's the least severe punishment I could face? Thanks for the advice.
The least severe punishment is no time in jail and, likely, probation. There will be some fines/costs if you are...
What are the major differences between an OWI and Impaired Driving regarding Sanilac County, MI?
Hypothetically, if you are charged with an OWI and you end up being convicted of just impaired driving, what are the benefits? Disadvantages? Is impaired driving still considered a misdemeanor? How high will the typical insurance rate skyrocket? Can impaired driving eventually come off your record? What will happen to my license and driving record? How many points will accumulate? Can the initial OWI arrest be expunged? This is all in regards to a first time offense to put this in perspective. Thank you for all responses.
Impaired is a reduction from OWI amd has decreased penalties across the board. 4 instead of 6 points on your driving...
What is the track record of the Sanilac County, MI court system?
I've been charged with an OWI and I cannot handle the anticipation of the arraignment much longer! Does any lawyer know if the District Judge and Prosecuting Attorney are reasonable, lenient, and understanding? Are reduced charges and decent plea bargains common in the courtroom for OWI's? Dismissals? I am perhaps the most remorseful person on the planet right now and I feel I have suffered enough! If this goes on my record, all of my potential will be suppressed. The thousands of dollars I'm paying for tuition will essentially be void, granted, no one will hire me despite a degree. I am also a minority being tried in a predominantly Caucasian area so I am especially nervous. Not to pull the race card but just being honest. Any insight would help! Thank you for your responses!
I can't speak about the Sanilac County personnel specifically, but I can tell you for certain that you really need to...
Driver license wrongfully revoked at reinstatement hearing after fully complying & cooperating with requirements.
After fully complying for 5 years with the state of Michigan to reinstate my drivers license, I was reviewed by SOS to remove interlock device & restore driving privileges which wrongfully ended in revocation! The problem is, I work 90 miles away from home and I've been having a hardship license to go to and from work. Now that my privileges are revoked as of next week, I don't know what to do. I cannot lose my job and I don't want to move my family. Is there any loophole around this to at least have my hardship back until I go for a review of a full license reinstatement? She violated me because when she asked me when the last time I smoked marijuana was, I told her a date that did not match with what she had which was well over three years ago. She stated that ' it is a direct violation to use any substance without a doctors approval,' but at that time I had a current medical marijuana card and I was prescribed medical marijuana by a legitimate doctor. So during the time that she said I violated it, It was in fact ordered by a dr. I have not had alcohol in years and I dont smoke marijuana anymore. And on top of it all, she was extremely rude the whole time
I do not know what the question is here. Please ask one that we might be able to answer. Good luck, ~Katie
What happens if ur on probation for assault/assault and battery and catch another assault charge while intoxicated
Just looking for a general idea on what could possibly happen.. This man assaulted my 62yr old father and he's already on probation for assault&battery and now we have pressed charges for this new assault charge
Obviously jail. Somehow this was listed under DUI when it clearly isn't.
Are there any Michigan case laws regarding owi / owil when no motor vehicle is present ?
i was wondering if there are any cases that have been either dropped or thrown out by the judge due to the fact that there wasn't sufficient evidence, due to the fact that there was no vehicle present. this involves a snowmobile stuck in a ditch, over a mile away from where defendant was arrested.
There are many cases involving drivers arrested away from the scene. I am currently representing a client who was...