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  • Sand Springs Man Arrested For Attacking Son With Mac...

    Wednesday May 10 | via NewsOn6 Tulsa 

    A 41-year-old Sand Springs man was arrested Tuesday on a complaint of domestic assault with a deadly weapon after police said he attacked his son with a dual-edged machete during an argument. According to the Sand Springs Police arrest and booking report, Joseph Michael Kopler was lying on his bed, partially naked and drinking a bottle of whiskey when his son came to his house to deliver a cell phone from Kopler's employer.


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What do you make of this DUI story?
2 years ago I was pulled over and had been drinking. I was placed into custody after failing a field sobriety test. I explained to the officer that I felt suicidal. I was immediately taken to a hospital where I was then transported to a crisis center the following morning. After spending a week there, I come home and find a letter that my license has been suspended. Blood tests showed that I was way over the limit. I made a few phone calls about what hoops I need to jump through to take care of this. A fine, interlock and some classes and I'd be back on track. A great job came my way and of course I told them I had a DUI a few months ago. That would have prevented me from getting the job, but strangely enough they could not find a single thing in my record. I never spent a day in court and to this day, it has never shown up on any record
You were never charged criminally. Dps revoked your license because you had enough alcohol in your blood to warrant a...
Is the family court system as corrupt as we read about? Also also do the lawyers we hire as fathers even work for us?
I'm a single father in tulsa ok area. Ripped off 18k by attorneys. Nothing acomplished. No drugs No DUI. 15 yr job history. Home owner. On supervised visitation. Two clean hair follicle drug and etg test. Mom has two bastard kids from previous relationships and opiate addiction. Fighting allegations.
Hopefully not. Hopefully the court will be fair and impartial. I hope you have an attorney.
If your in jail and fail a drug test does that get your probation revoked
My sons father is in jail and he failed a drug test, he's supposed to be released in July will that stop his probation
It certainly could. Hope he had an attorney and doesn't fail any more tests.
Do I need a DUI and a crimale lawyer because I have a DUI change and fleeing and aluding and unschange stopping a o
Driving and got pulled over tuck off got charged with DUI fleding and aluding obstructing an officer on failure to change lane with left turn signal Black Bush driving endangerment and I'm on probation in another state and already have one DUI what to do
You should be ok if you hire one criminal attorney that is experienced with both types of charge. An experienced...
How do I resolve an OK 2nd DUI case from Texas
I am retired, on disability, and living with my son in Texas. Four years ago I got a DUI while traveling through OK. I have very limited income and no way now (or desire, honestly) to make my way back up there. What advice could you give me to help me resolve this without having to put a 70 year old man in jail away from his grandbabies?
Call around to get pricing for an attorney or see about getting a public d fender which you may not be entitled to...
How can i get the information in regards to a home being raided for drugs.
Im looking for a friend who hired aawyer 6 weeks ago but he still has no information on his case or the evidence against him. Is this a normal amount of time to go without information?
Yes it is. The lawyer should be communicating with the client even if there is no information yet.
How do i find out if my Oklahoma driver's license got suspended for a DUI in Kansas
I just want to know how I got to get my Oklahoma driver's license back because of a DUI in Kansas
Contact the Department of Public Safety, Drovers' License Bureau.