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  • East Bay Man Suspected of Shooting at BART Officers ...

    Thursday Jan 14 | via 

    A 27-year-old man was arraigned today on charges of attempted murder of a peace officer and assault on a peace officer with a semi-automatic firearm for allegedly shooting at two BART police officers at the Hayward station on Christmas Day. Charles Kyle Goetting, who has addresses in San Ramon, Concord and Antioch, is scheduled to return to Alameda County Superior Court in Hayward on Jan. 20 to be assigned an attorney and possibly enter a plea.


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Can a Felony DUI settled in court with House Arrest for 180 days be transferred from riverside co. to Sacramento co?
My case has been settled with 180 days of house arrest and 3 years probation, by transferred from riverside county to Sacramento county because currently i have no residence, however my family lives in contra Costa county (San Ramon) and that would be a more stable environment for me to complete my court requirement.
You will need the approval of the court to transfer your probation. Contact your attorney to have your case re-...
I was arrested for a dwi an they noted a refusal to submit to a blood test in California.
1.there was no cause to stop me. 2. i submitted to the field test,walking even displaying on one leg that i had surgery 3. submitted to breathalyzer, twice...blowing hard 4. wouldn't give me a scores etc. 5. threaten me if i would do a blood test at office,if not they would get warrant,wouldn't let me view warrant, location of violation differs from where incident occurred an more occurred. results state blood alcohol for breathalyzer were 0.22 an 0.28 an blood levels 0.54 on three glasses of wine in a 4 hour period..i'm 5'2" an 165lbs.just curious.from what i now understand i wouldn't have been able to function at any capacity an highly disputed the intergrity of any results as well as the officers prior to knowing the results. just curious on your input
Something is off here. I am not sure you are mistaken or the police are. If one were to have a BAC of 0.54, they would...
Can I get my real estate license if I have a DUI?
I got arrested for a DUI in 2012 and since I don't want to be a pharmacy Technician anymore, I have decided to get my real estate license. My lawyer said that " MY DUI GOT DISMISSED BUT I PLEAD GUILTY TO DRIVING OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT". I can't really figure out what this means. SO the question is, will this come up in my background check? Can I get my real estate license? Any information could help. Thank You!
Call your DUI attorney and have him or her explain. You can also look at the minute order and the terms of probation....
I have a "2nd or sub. driving under the influence" conviction from Oklahoma(felony). In California, may I vote & own a gun?
In 2007, I was arrested for back to back DUIs. Second or subsequent DUIs are felony charges in Oklahoma. With 1 prior, these two charges led to convictions, despite completing the court's agreement that I'd get a deferred sentence if I completed a 1 year drug court program. The DA pulled out a new law that was enacted six months before my arrest that stated you are only allowed to receive 1 deferred sentence ever in Oklahoma (or something like that). I would like to buy a gun (I am a Veteran) and be able to vote. I hurts having elections come around and know that I have no rights in the country I served for four years active duty. Now, I design software in the semiconductor industry for extremely low pay (because as you know, felons lucky enough to get jobs, don't get paid well).
As a general rule, convicted felons in California can't possess firearms. Your situation is unique, however, as your...
What are the possible outcomes in criminal court for a recent dui?
I currently have two points on my dmv record for an accident in 2011. I recently was charged for a dui when I fell asleep at the wheel due to a medication I am prescribed for nausea and rolled my vehicle. It is totaled. If I hire an attorney, what kind of criminal punishment should I expect from the DMV as well as criminal court? This is a first offense with no criminal record. I do have a medical cannabis card and am prescribed a benzo for anxiety. So there will be thc and benzos in my toxicology report. Please advise what a good attorney could work out in a plea bargain? The worst case scenario as well as the best case scenario, with the 2 points on my dmv record already from 2011. This will help me determine weather or not to get an attorney. Thank you.
A non-alcohol DUI is very defensible if you kept your statements to police after the crash to a minimum. I have had...
Dmv court and medical marijuana
Is it true that the DMV does not suspend drivers license for marijuana and prescription drugs? Source: One place where these two offenses differ is in the consequences. When a suspect is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, there is the so-called per se offense (having a blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, at or above .08%; Vehicle Code section 23152b). When charged with driving under the influence of marijuana or driving under the influence of drugs, however, there is no blood-alcohol level (or if it is under .08%) and therefore no per se offense to charge the suspect with. Because of this, the DMV cannot administratively suspend the suspect's license for driving under the influence of drugs. This suspension is only administered when the suspect refused chemical testing
Yes. You can not lose your license since DMV has no jurisdiction over VC 23152(a). DMV has jurisdiction over 23152(b)...
California informal probation requirements.
I was recently picked up for a DUI in California, court case pending, if I get put on informal probation, will I be randomly drug tested? Also, I have a valid medical marijuana doctors note for a chronic medical condition, it is the only medicine that works for me, prescription medicine has made my condition worse. Can I continue to medicate while on informal probation?
Yes, unless it is specified in the court ordered probation terms that you may not. I doubt that you will be drug tested...