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Restricted lic after second DUI in ca.
in the next three month i will have had my license suspended for 10 yrs for a second DUI. I am enrolled in an 18 month driving school. If I get an interlock device and SR22 can i get a restricted license. I have been to a rehab I have lived in a SLE for over 3yrs.
Provided you were not a refusal, under 21 years at the time of the DUI, or you were not on probation for your prior DUI,...
What are my options?
A couple nights ago, my friend asked me for a ride from the bar to his house. I arrived at the bar which is also a restaurant and parked my car outside of the main entrance. We hung out for about 20 minutes while we each drank a beer including me. I got pulled over leaving the bar and arrested for driving under the influence.. The police officer told me the reason he pulled me over was because my car was parked outside the bar and he saw me leaving the bar.. am 20 years old and will be turning 21 on Februaray 17, 2016. What can I do?
You can and should immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in our area. Remember to request a DMV...
I was arrested for DUI about 2 months ago . but I got a letter on the mail saying that dmv case was set aside then when I went to my DUI court my name didn't appear on the screen and I Asked the clerk to check why then he told that my case was dismiss because the office didn't want to press charges against me or he didn't want to follow up with my case . then my attorney also asked and they told him the same thing what does it mean?? is my record clean? I haven't got anything on the mail and I got pull over for my exahust was too loud but its stock ..but the let me go without a ticket or a warning .
If you were not convicted, then this arrest should not impact the USCIS' decision to grant or deny you any benefits.
What can I expect when I apply to have my San Mateo County DUI dismissed pursuant to CA Penal Code 1203.4?
I pleaded no contest to a San Mateo County, CA DUI in 2013 which included three years of probation. My attorney advised my that they are unlikely to consider an early termination of probation; however he advised me to contact him once my probation expires in about 8-10 months to get it dismissed per Penal Code 1203.4. What can I expect from this process? Beyond showing that I've complied with all requirements of my probation (which I have), what would I need to show the Court to get it approved? I do not have any new legal issues or driving issues and do not expect anything prior to probation expiring.
Once you have fulfilled all the conditions and are not serving a sentence, the court, in its discretion and in the...
Experience w/ Santa Clara County courts and DUI probation violation?
Friend of mine has been incarcerated in San Mateo since Nov (Here is the background We have learned that he will likely be serving a year for the recent felony, which means at half time, he will be out in May-ish (since he already has 4+ months complete) & likely have to go into Bridges program. What is still unknown is how his PV will be treated which is based out of Santa Clara county. I understand SC has 5 days to come get him & then 3 days to give him a hearing. How likely is it that SC will just allow his sentencing from San Mateo ( 1 year jail time + program) be his final punishment vs making him spend jail time in SC for PV? He had 6 mos left on 5yr probation when last DUI happened.
Who knows? Your "friend" should contact the attorney who handled his case in Santa Clara County. If and when they...
Is it possible to get my license back before i go to court for a driving on a suspended (5th) one in 11 years
I finally finished my mop for my 2nd dui i got back in 2004 last week. 11Years later! and three weeks ago i got pulled over and cited out for driving on a suspended. Is there a chance dmv will let me get my license back before i go to court next month,even if i get it postponed?
I practice in California and your question is impossible to answer without knowing more facts. What is MOP? Minor in...
Punishment for 2nd Felony DUI & Probation Violation?
A friend of mine is currently incarcerated for his 4th DUI in 10 years, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2014. Technically, it is his 5th, but the first one falls outside the 10-year window (2002). The DUI he received in 2010 was a felony because it was his 4th in 10 years, which makes his most recent a felony as well. He was on probation for the 2010 violation (would have ended July 2015) as well. My question: how much time is he facing? He self-surrendered in November after being on bail for 2 weeks so he could start earning credit toward sentencing. His most recent did not involve injuries (none have, thank goodness). He is involved in an in-jail rehab program, receiving work credit, etc. I am just wondering what possible sentence might be and how probation violation effects it as well. Thank you.
A felony DUI is a wobbler in its penalty. It can be as little as 6 months jail and as much as 3 years state prison....