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First time DUI with a fender bender
I blew a .02 but was under the influence of drugs, I momentarily feinted, which caused a fender bender but the other party was able to drive away on her own accord. She commented that she may have had whiplash but when i checked my front bumper the the only thing with damage was the license plate, with a few black marks that can be easily rubbed off. How will this result? This is my first DUI offense. I was cooperative with the police and I know for a fact that I'm going to be guilty. Is it a possible that this will be reduced to a wet/dry reckless? I can't afford a lawyer and will most likely end up with a defendant. I'm not worried about driving because my work is in walking distance. Will I be required to get an intermittion lock? Will I be able to get a restrictive licence to get to classes from the judge? What am I looking at here. My bail was only 2500. So I believe I'm only being charged with a DUI but I'm afraid the accident which led to the DUI will affect the result of the case.
There is no way a stranger on the Internet can predict the outcome of your case, or whether the DA will be willing to...
How likely is my conviction and/or what kind of sentencing for a 2nd DUI with a BAC of .21 and my 2 children in a parked car?
I was not driving the car! My boyfriend's car was pulled over on the side of the road with myself in the front seat asleep and my 2 children asleep in the backseat of the car. My boyfriend was driving and pulled over because we got into an argument and were also having car trouble, he got out of the car and called to get picked up by a friend and was going to return with AAA and his car to pick us all up. I left the car running so that my daughters could remain cool in the heat, but I was sitting in the front seat of the car when the police arrived. The police arrived because a witness claimed that she saw me drive up, pull over, and fall asleep and called the police - which is not at all true! When the police arrived I woke up to them knocking on the window, I was EXTREMELY scared because I have a previous DUI and my kids were in the car. I also thought my boyfriend would get in trouble for leaving us, so all I told them was that I was not driving the car but that I had been drinking. I did not tell them who was driving. With a "witness", this makes my situation very difficult, do I have any defense? If not, what kind of potential sentencing am I looking at?
I'm sorry to say, based on your post, you are highly likely to lose any case you argue. These circumstances seem way...
DUI Class
I was charged with VC22152 But my attorney got it reduced down to a DRY VC23103 The DMV said I need to enroll in a 3 month DUI class to get a restricted license then I get 2 months added to my the restriction. I currently have a restricted license but am on leave for the DUI class but when I come back from leave to the DUI class this will be after my restriction period expired do I need to continue the class to get full license back? Because the court didn't order class and I was charged with a non DUI DRY reckless.”
I assume the suspension is because you lost the APS hearing? If you never get a restricted license, you only need...
Arrested for DUI - .07 BAC - What should I expect?
I was pulled over for swerving. I'm pretty sure I failed the field tests---super nervous, I was shaking (cold) and I was in socks in dirt/gravel. I tried to do the tests stone cold sober and I failed! I had 1.5 glasses of wine, my last sip being 3.5 hours before my arrest, I am 115 lbs. The officers said I blew a .09 but I wasn't shown the results. At the station I blew a .07 twice & have the receipt. After 8 hours in the pokey my drivers license was returned to me with a court date...I did not get the "pink slip" as others did at the time of my release. On my bail paperwork from the Sheriffs Dept my charge is 23152(a) - a DUI. I plan on getting a good attorney this week, but am curious what to expect and what my chances are of beating it...if any? My first ever offense of any kind.
You will get charged with DUI by the prosecutor. However, hiring an experienced local attorney, who knows how to deal...
Charged with DUI, 9 months later still no "charges filed" under my case, what to do?
I was arrested when trying to cross the border with Mexico, I went to court on the date stated on my ticket but they told me that there were no charges yet, That I should keep on calling every week to see if a court date was set. I have received no court date, and I want to know what is the wiser thing to do next. My BAC levels were over .08 and I spent no time in jail, someone picked me up from the police station 30 minutes after my arrest.
I am confused by your post. You way you went to court on the date stated on your ticket but there wee no charges. Then...
Can I travel abroad if I've been convicted of two DUIs and a probation violation (related to the DUI conviction)
I have been convicted of two DUIs, the second DUI while still on probation for the first. Consequently, I was also charged with a probation violation since I received the second DUI while on probation for the first. I just started probation for the second DUI. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to travel abroad and now I'm concerned I might not be able to do so. I have been hearing mixed messages as to whether or not I can travel abroad, some people say it's no problem whatsoever, others are saying that I need to get a VISA long before planning my trip and I'm also hearing that I can just get a 'landing' visa in most cases. Does anyone have any insight on this?
You should get any travel approved by the judge to avoid further complications. Hire an attorney to put it on the...
1st dui with bac0.24, no accident or nothing else live in san diego area I did not make the dmv hearing in time
I got a 1st dui with a bac 0.24, no accident or anything else involved just dui, I did not make the dmv hearing in time, I live in san diego area got dui in Mojave,ca., what will dmv do since I did not do the hearing request within 10 days, how long suspended for and can I get a restricted license soon, will they make me do iid , I have not had a ticket in 11 years, whats going to happened to my license now
DMV 1 month suspension 5 month restriction. Court conviction .24 BAC... 10 month suspension; 9 month DUI program. IID...