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  • Texas Man Charged With Murdering Woman, 83, in San L...

    Monday Sep 18 | via NBC Bay Area 

    A Texas man has been charged with murder for allegedly killing an 83-year-old woman in San Lorenzo at an independent senior living facility in unincorporated Alameda County two months ago, sheriff's officials said Monday. The victim, Ru Feng, was discovered conscious yet unresponsive on the lobby floor of the Kent Gardens facility on Kent Avenue in San Lorenzo at about 7:15 p.m. on July 16, according to sheriff's officials.


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  • Murder charges filed in San Lorenzo senior's death

    Monday Sep 18 | via Inside Bay Area 

    The Alameda County district attorney's office has filed murder charges against a Texas man after his recent arrest in connection with the death of a San Lorenzo woman two months ago, authorities said. Around 7:15 p.m. July 16, staff at an independent living facility on Kent Avenue in San Lorenzo found a resident, 83-year-old Ru Feng, conscious but unresponsive on a lobby floor, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Monday.


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San Lorenzo Law

Why would DA not list charges on summons ..... Bac below DUI per se limit
Recieved summons in mail today it said I was being charged by the DA in the above matter, and then they didn't even list any charges , just a date to appear in court.... Why wouldn't they include the charges on the summons???
It's pretty standard. Simple answer is, they don't have to. They just have to notify you of the date. It could also be...
DUI question.
I just got a my 2nd DUI In the state of California, I was arrested and given a Citation in jail after booking and spent the night in jail, I was released without going to court, my question is, could it be possible the DA wont file charges against me? My DUI's are 3 yrs apart
It is very unlikely that the DA will not file charges. It is common for people to be released before going to court....
How long does It take before charges are filed in a DUI in California
I recently got a DUI and was arrested, I was released with a citation but it's been several days and I haven't heard anything, when do I find out if I am getting charged? And when should I expect to goto court for this?
Usually charges are filed in about a month, although they legally can be filed up to one year from the date of the...
Can I get a Class B CDL after a Non Comercial CA DUI?
I got a dui when I turned 21 i'm 22 now my job is offering a job promotion in that requires a Class B CDL I took care of everything now I went to dui school I did the 5 months of required interlock And I have my Sr-22 currently Is there any chance to get a Class b CDL?
There's a "chance," but you'll need to ask the DMV directly. Finding employment/insurance with the DUI on your record...
I recently got a dui and have been waiting for my discovery package from dmv. they moved my courtdate from 9/6/17 to 10/13/17 ?
what can I infer, if anything from this maneuver? i'd like to be optimistic. I've also learned that dmv has a huge conflict of interest by presiding over the admin. per se hearings without actual judge-like credentials. what can I do about that? thank you for whatever input you might provide.
Likely, there is nothing to infer, a new courthouse recently opened in Dublin and I suspect they are still working out...
21 years ago I was arrested for DUI ? The case was dropped so I never been convicted .
My question is I'm going to apply for citizenship. Do you think I should mention. That I was arrested but not convicted for DUI in my application ... thank you
What would be the harm in "mentioning" it? They'll see the arrest anyway and you'll appear to be exceedingly honest....
How can I find out the results of a dui blood test before I go to court?
pulled over for dui because I had to keep correcting the front end (which kept pulling to the left). Wanted to find out what I am facing before I get to Court.
Very often the best way to find the blood results is through the DMV process because off of that happens before the...