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  • Burglars and scammers among 40 arrested in Houston

    Thursday Aug 31 | via Daily Mail 

    Looting spree amid Harvey chaos: Burglars, thieves and scammers among at 40 arrested in Houston and surrounding areas in storm aftermath The city has also warned residents of scammers, posing as firefighters and Homeland Security special agents and telling people to evacuate in order Despite the 40 arrests, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the curfew and the increased police presence have helped keep most criminals at bay Forty people have been arrested for looting across Houston and its surrounding areas in the wake of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey, police said.


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San Leon Law

What to do when i moss court 2nd dwi?
Misdemeanor, though i was at fault of an accident. Missed court date due to no ride.
Call your attorney to see what you can do to get back in the court's good graces. I'm switching the practice area...
What information should I include in an explanation letter to the Texas Real Estate Commission regardin a DWI arrest 13 yrs ago?
I recently applied for my real estate license in Texas. I have satisfied all requirements however they found a DWI arrest on my record 13 years ago under my maiden name. They sent me a letter requesting documents to explain the incident. When i called to clarify exactly what they wanted I was told the case was showing up as a pending. I have certified paperwork from the county courthouse where the alleged incident occurred stating the case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. I'm not sure how to explain this incident since it was never substantiated. do I own up to driving while intoxicated and explain the situation surrounding the event or explain it was alleged and dismissed before it ever went to trial??
You need to have the arrest expunged. Our Galveston, Texas office can help.
What happens when Texas Resident is arrested in Louisiana for 1st offense DWI and Careless Operation?
Texas resident working in Louisiana. Arrested for 1st time DWI (.08 to .15 Misd) and Careless Operation. $5000 cash bond was posted for DWI. ROR for Careless operation. And license was suspended. Court scheduled for July. St. James Parish, location of arrest, states on their Court webpage that max Bond is $1000, we understand that it was likely higher because of flight risk. What can this individual expect to happen in court?
You will need to hire a criminal defense attorney licensed in Louisiana and who is familiar with that parish.
I got my first DWI as an international student. What will happen? Will the DUWI affect my green card application?
My first time DWI happen in Galveston TX. Breath test is 0,11. There is no accident or anything else. Is it affect my green car application. or any change that i can do to dismiss as a first time. because i don't want this make difficult things for my culture and future.
Based on what information you've provided, you're going to need an experienced DWI attorney. You should consider hiring...
Ex can take custody issue back to court this month. He refuses to take drug test for me and I have this order in divorce decree to have him tested 2 times a year but he states he is taking his own drug test in a bigger city. He needs to prove he is drug free . I am afraid he is going to have someone else take his place for test and that is why he is unwilling to take a test I am asking for. If he is clean for his test, should not have problem taking one that I asked for too. Thing is, he wants to take it back to court as soon as he get results. Can he have me served and for me to appear in court within 1-2 days of being served without my having been able to retain a lawyer and have my case be ready to present case against what he is asking for?
Yes if you are served with a summons you must appear in Court with or without a lawyer.
2nd Motion to Revoke Felony DWI Probation
When a 2nd Motion to Revoke probation is filed on a person during one probation period, this one being for Felony DWI probation, what are the chances they will just get a slap on the wrist again? I know a person who has continued to drink, mix pills with alcohol, hang out in bars, go work out of state, etc. because he believes he is above the law, authority, and no one will run his life. A textbook narcissist who has bled evil and chaos into a lot of our lives the past few years, and he's sitting in jail right now in Galveston Co. with a Motion to Revoke his probation (it's a page long list, but nothing directly related to being drunk), the first one they filed 3 years ago during his first year on probation for being caught driving under the influence of pills and it looks like they basically let it go, based on public records. Surely this time they will be harsher punishment, thoughts?
Thoughts? People can only get so far before the hammer comes down and they are sent to prison.
Can I get a driver's license in Texas without having an interlock system installed that is a requirement from a DUI in Kansas?
I got a DUI in 2010 while on an internship in Topeka, Kansas, and as a part of the sentence, I was required to have an interlock system installed in my vehicle for 1 year. At the time I had a Texas driver's license, which was never taken away from me by the state of Kansas. Shortly after this incident, I moved to Oregon and received a driver's license there without an issue. I have since moved back to Texas and when trying to get my driver's license, they told me I have to settle the issue in Kansas to get my driver's license reissued in Texas. I am wondering if there is a way to bypass having an interlock system installed in my vehicle in Texas to meet the Kansas requirement.
Not likely. States have an interstate compact that is supposed to follow you wherever you go. Meaning when one state...