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went to juvi, paid a fine, went to court. according to the records, all fines and court date and time served. thought it was over.
Depending on what Vehicle Code section you plead to in 2007 you may or may not be looking at the second time DUI. You...
I have a class c drivers license in California what law is broken if I drive vehicle over 26,000lbs. with "air brakes"?
It will be a vehicle code section to ensure the safety of other drivers.
I will not be driving just an office job
Depends on the specific employer. Expect it will be discovered in any background check. I'll assume you successfully...
I was arrested for a dui in September 2013 and lost against the dmv at the hearing and appeals process.. a refusal but I do have evidence to impeach they officers statement from his department. I just need an attorney to help or give some legal advice .
Did you present your impeachment evidence at your DMV hearing! I'm kind of guessing not. Trust me that "refusals"...
i hit a car just a bit no damage and chp came and found that ive been drinking. this would be my 3rd dui. the chp did not give me a yellow slip, what does that mean or tow my car but he put me in jail over night. they gave me a court date. also i ask the officer how many dui do i have ? and he said prior dui and this one. I got my dui like 2005 another 2009 and now 2014. what can i do to avoid time in jail. i have two girls to raise and cannot afford to lose time w them. When i go to court will this be dismiss bc i didnt get a yellow slip and my car was not towed. And also i called the chp and they had nothing on me but an accident which wasnt nothing at all! what can i do?
call an attorney
Would leaving your turn signal on to long after you made your turn be considered bad driveing bad enuff to be pulled over
That's question depends and need more facts of what too long the blinkers should be used to indicate a turning...
he stopped another person the came to me saying he seen me move my car earlier, at the time I was waiting to catch a cab . I explained to the officer but he still took me to jail and charged me with a DUI.
You can be charged with it, but whether the prosecutor can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt depends on the facts and...