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Dismissed from DUI class
I was dismissed from my 18 month dui class. I received my dui January 2013. I am dealing with a personal hardship at the moment and the dui school wouldn't Grant my LOA because they want all kinds of supporting documentation which I can't supply. My father passed away in October. Which was my first leave. Now I'm dealing with having no babysitter after work for my 3 year old son. What will happen when I go to court? I've finished my 100 hours of community service and sheriff's work program and am making payments on the fines. It's just the class. I finished all education classes. I just have these groups I have yet to complete. On top of not having a babysitter I can't afford to pay my classes. I live in low income housing. Any advice would be appreciated.
What will happen? Depends on the judge, how much time has gone by since you got kicked out of your class, and if you've...
I'm am preparing to take my nursing board in the state of CA will a DUI prevent me from taking my test and getting my license?
I got pulled dover on 8/12/16 for not having mud mats on the back tires. They did I sobriety test and my alcohol level was .08 I was planning on taking my nursing test on 9/1 will I no longer be able to obtain this license If I have a DUI on my record.
The DUI won't prevent you from taking the test. You should look into filing a PC1203.4 Petition for Dismissal,...
In Alameda co, do I really have to finish the first offenders program for DUI in order for probation to end? I paid fines.
About 2 and a half years ago I was convicted for my first DUI in Alameda County -Pleasanton court exactly. I was sentenced to complete a first offenders program. but I have not yet done them because at the time the public offender said their 'court probation' doesn't really follow for completion and the probation falls off generally just because of the time unless fines not paid. because there is not a clerk that is checking requirements for probation for violations as the term ends. Never had a drivers license so is it true I can just let this right out and probation will be completed in paper or rap sheet?
No matter how many times you ask, the answer doesn't change. You need to complete the class. If you haven't, you may...
First DUI, 8year old child in car, charged with 273a(b), 23152(a) and 23152(b). Do you think I can get off with just probation?
It is my first DUI, record is clean otherwise. I was pulled over for a brake light that was out. It was pretty late at night around 3am. Wasn't driving erratically or anything. I know the charge for the child endangerment is a separate charge. I want to know if it is possible to avoid jail time. Do you think I can get the DUI charge reduced to a wet reckless? Do you think they can dismiss child endangerment charge?
Other than the charges you gave no information to give any answers other than probation is likely. Consult with an...
I have my Green Card interview scheduled in two weeks and i was arrested for DUI over the weekend, what are the complications
I went to 7 eleven which is 1/4 mile away (very close) and while backing up another driver came in my way and i just nudged him. No injuries occured and the driver didnt seem to react or get out of the car so i drove and came to my place. after a few mins he comes to my aprtment and calls the cops and which point i was having a few drinks, so i go down to the parking lot to ask whats going on and they smell alcohol and have me take the standard test which i passed but the breath analyzer showed i was over the limit so they took me in and had me in the county jail overnight and released me without any tickets or anything, i was told to attend the court in 4 weeks (my green card interview is scheduled a week later), please let me know how this complicates or what are my options
This was filed under DUI when it's clearly a immigration question. You should consider hiring a DUI defense law in addition.
Am i able to apply for citizenship after dui probation?
i had dui last 2012 and on probation for 3 years. im almost done with my probation can i apply for citizenship now? because i got denied before when i apply last 2012.
I recommend speaking with an immigration lawyer along with the original lawyer that handled your DUI. Good luck to you.
I got a dui, but cannot afford an attorney, what should I plead??
My content was at .08, I was pulled over for having my headlights off, i have no prior criminal record .Please help.. I just want advice
If you cannot afford a private attorney, the court will appoint you a public defender. Don't plead to anything unless...