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Long story short. I was sitting behind the wheel but my girlfriend had taken the keys to insure that I wouldn't start driving. I had drank more than my limit and we both knew it wasn't safe or advisable for me to continue driving so we had parked at a Safeway parking lot. We had been parked for an hour when a patrolman approached us and asked us about a stranger that had walked up to us earlier. An argument ensued and he said I would need to take a DWI test. I refused because when he walked up, I wasn't driving and the keys weren't in the ignition. I spent the night in jail. Now I am waiting to go to court for aggravated DWI. Have an appointment to talk to an attorney soon.
Yes! You can be charged for either past or future driving (the intent to drive while intoxicated). The officer needs a...
I have a new mexico license, and was convicted of a dui in Utah. I'm compliant with all my penalties and fines, but new mexico is requiring another suspension and an interlock. Is this right? And I currently living in Texas.
In order to keep your license you have to comply with the laws of the state that issued you the license. If one state...
I am on misdemeanor compliance probation for a DUI. I am on my third violation. This one is for failing a random UA for alcohol. The judge told me the next time I violate I'll serve the rest of my probation sentence in jail. Now we're here. My mom started undergoing kemotherapy last week and is becoming severely ill. Will I get added jail time if I abscond/run from probation till she is well enough to turn myself in? How much jail time will I be looking at? I was supposed to be off probation June 27 2013. I'm supposed to see her tomorrow and can almost garuntee she's sending me in. How much Time will I be facing if I don't turn myself in until winter? immediate answeres would be highly appreciated.
Up to one year for misdemeanors, 90 days for DUI first offense with no aggravating features such as over .16, refusal...
I am on misdemeanor compliance probation for a DUI. I am on my third strike for failing a urine test for drinking and I informed my CCO before she got the results. The last time I saw the judge he said one more violation and I'll finish the term of my probation which is 26 days. My mom is going through kemotherapy and needs my assistance so I'm thinking of running until she is well enough for me to turn myself in. Will I get extra jail time if I run until I can turn myself in?
Probably depending on how the sentence was structured.
Have been on probation for 9 mo, have 2 mo left, complied w/ all other requirements set forth by court. Lockout Violation was due to 1 high alcohol violation & 4 missed tests. All violations were in one day. Blew 1 previous violation back in jan or feb.
Depends on judge but 30 days would be typical.
he took off while everyone was sleeping its in impound and i dont know what to do
file a cliam with your carrier and rent a temporary replacement vehicle. If you don't/didn't have insurance, you are...
In the past I got a DWI charge so I had to do the interlock along with other programs and fines which I completed all successfully. I was denied my license after the completion for the reason being I've been to prison and was asked to to the interlock for 6 more mths and more programs and fines. Once again I completed all programs successfully and paid all fines. The second time around though I fail the interlock one time but it was because of drinking, so I've been denied still for my license now on the grounds because I failed the interlock 1 time.
You will have to comply with DMV requirements to obtain a license. You need to understand that the interlock is a...