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My wife got a dui?
Me and my wife are separated at this moment she got arrest for dui and she is illegal in the country we file for divorce what should I do to avoid her being deported
1. Your wife needs to consult with and hire a licensed California DUI attorney. In addition, your wife needs to consult...
DUI question.
I just got a my 2nd DUI In the state of California, I was arrested and given a Citation in jail after booking and spent the night in jail, I was released without going to court, my question is, could it be possible the DA wont file charges against me? My DUI's are 3 yrs apart
It is very unlikely that the DA will not file charges. It is common for people to be released before going to court....
Inadmissible because of two DUIs?
I am Canadian currently in the US on TN, I got convicted of DUI before and recently got arrested for second DUI. No injuries no accidents . Will this make me inadmissible on health grounds when I try to reenter the US? Thanks
This is an immigration and visa question. Pass to the immigration area.
Dui case?
I have a friend who has 5 dui's 2 she never appeared on, recently her and her boyfriend got into a confrontation and he told the cop she had warrents. Now she's facing state prison time, she's out on bail currently. She needs a lawyer not a public defender any feed back is helpful. Thank you
Best bet would be to try to argue for a rehab. Definitely not a sure thing but still possible. If they won't go for a...
DUI question?
How will I know if the DA files charges against me for a dui? I was in a small accident 9 months ago and was sent straight to the hospital. I never got any paperwork at the hospital from the police department and as far as I can tell they did not respond. My hospital records indicted I did have some alcohol in my system, but does not say that any officers arrived for a blood draw or tests. Thanks
One way would be to contact the courthouse to see if there is an open case against you. You can also hire an attorney...
Can I go to Taiwan with a dui?
Got a dui six years ago. I heard Canada is strict with situations like this, what about Taiwan?
You would need to check with the Taiwanese embassy or consulate for applicable laws in that country.
Can a person be charged for a DUI if they were not caught driving intoxicated?
My son had been drinking but a vehicle stopped in front of him on the freeway and he crashed into it but the person in that vehicle took off. My son's car was damaged and would not run. The police saw him stranded on the freeway in his car and pushed his car of the freeway. They questioned him and gave him the breath test and whatever other test they do. And yes he was intoxicated. Is this a DUI?
Your son really needs a lawyer to examine all the facts of the case, not advice from a stranger on the Internet who...