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DUI prescription medication CA
So I got 2 DUI's while under the influence of prescription medication in my personal vehicle. I have a CDL which they are saying is suspended for life. Is there anyway to fight this as my Dr wrote a letter stating I was able to drive at the time and no longer on medication.
It sounds like you have been convicted twice? If that's correct, then maybe the DMV is correct, depending on your...
DUI in Alameda county
1.5 yrs ago i plead guilty to DUI for 1st offence. I wanted to get an early termination and dissmissal (try) but I never did the 1st offender driving class the court ordered? Do i have to do this? My PD at the the says Alameda doesnt monitor class participation and was voluntary as it is a DMV component. So can i file for term/dismissal without doing the class...? Also, i live 3hrs away, do i have to be present at court for the motions i am considering? Paul
Paul--you won't be able to have probation terminated early until you at least complete all the requirements.
How long does the court have to notify DMV of DUI conviction in California?
I was arrested for a DUI in March 2015. I requested a DMV hearing which took place in April 2015, and resulted in the DMV 'setting aside' my license suspension. I then went to court in June 2015 and was convicted of a DUI. It is now October 2015 and the DMV has never received anything from the court and are currently showing that I have a clean license with no convictions on my record. They say that this is highly unusual and they normally receive notification within a few days. Is there a statue of limitation that the court has to notify the DMV? I dont want to receive a suspension of my license 2 years down the line because the court messed up their paperwork. Also am I okay to continue driving and having car insurance without notifying them of a DUI as its not on my record? Help!
Highly unusual, indeed. There is no statute of limitations for the court to notify DMV. Perhaps you should simply take...
What are the alternatives for serving jail time if arrested for 3rd DUI while on probabtion?
My husband presented himself to court for his 3rd DUI and was arrested, he had 1 DUI in 2012 and now 2 in 2015. Are there any possibilities of avoiding jail time and finding an alternative since he was the only one that provided income for our family? Can he choose rehab or get house arrest instead of serving any jail time?
This isn't a DIY project. Your husband needs a lawyer, whether that means someone he hires or a court appointed public...
If someone is on formal probation for 4th dui and they get pulled over for driving w/o a license, what are likely consequences?
Can the person expect a fine and/ or AOWP or jail time?
They can and should Jail time if not prison.
Interlock device. Can I fight it?
My DUI's were not alcohol related so the court said no interlock device was to be imposed. The Dmv on the other hand asks for one. Can I fight that since it doesn't make sense?
The DMV is a nightmare. Good luck with this. IF you want a license, you'll get an IID.
If I got a bill in the mail 2 years ago to pay to the court about my dui and I haven't payed it, will I have a warrant?
I got a dui about three years ago and hAve since then completed my dui classes and completed community service instead of jail time. If I haven't paid the bill that they sent me awhile back will I have a warrant and will it have gone up since then? I also only received one, so they haven't sent me any other ones besides that first one.
Difficult to know because it depends on the court. Easy way to find out is to call DMV and see if there's any failure...