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DUI prescription medication CA
So I got 2 DUI's while under the influence of prescription medication in my personal vehicle. I have a CDL which they are saying is suspended for life. Is there anyway to fight this as my Dr wrote a letter stating I was able to drive at the time and no longer on medication.
It sounds like you have been convicted twice? If that's correct, then maybe the DMV is correct, depending on your...
Interlock device. Can I fight it?
My DUI's were not alcohol related so the court said no interlock device was to be imposed. The Dmv on the other hand asks for one. Can I fight that since it doesn't make sense?
The DMV is a nightmare. Good luck with this. IF you want a license, you'll get an IID.
If I got a bill in the mail 2 years ago to pay to the court about my dui and I haven't payed it, will I have a warrant?
I got a dui about three years ago and hAve since then completed my dui classes and completed community service instead of jail time. If I haven't paid the bill that they sent me awhile back will I have a warrant and will it have gone up since then? I also only received one, so they haven't sent me any other ones besides that first one.
Difficult to know because it depends on the court. Easy way to find out is to call DMV and see if there's any failure...
I got a DUI in California almost three years ago. I completed my AA classes and Community service. But haven't paid my fine.
Would I have a Bench Warrant? I have already gotten my license back and have been driving for 2 years now. So I was just curious about what I should do. Call the police station? Figure out how much I owe and start paying it off?
If you missed the deadline to pay the court fine, then you likely have an outstanding warrant. Call the criminal clerk'...
I got a DUI and I finished my classes and paid all my fees. I just haven't finished community service. Should I talk to a judge?
What do I do as far as changing my community service schedule? Work is making me miss. I'm suppose to go to the probation office and re schedule but They said last time I rescheduled I would get in trouble for not finishing. I only have 3 days left. I received a total of 7 days, but work gets in the way.
You'll need to speak to the judge about your attorney or the public defender's office before you go to...
If someone is on formal probation for 4th dui and they get pulled over for driving w/o a license, what are likely consequences?
Can the person expect a fine and/ or AOWP or jail time?
They can and should Jail time if not prison.
Do I need an SR-22?
I was convicted of second DUI in 2013. I got VERY lucky and Alameda did not file charges by 1 yr. But the DMV still of course held me to the 1 yr mandatory 1 year hard suspension. OK, I understand. I have had my licence for several months now and always kept in place a policy that had SR 22 for prior one in 2011 even while I was suspended. I switched insurance last week and deleted the sr22 requirement because I didn't think I needed anymore? Even though I didn't get conviction by court do I still need this Sr 22? I am suspended until proof again and what is just as confusing why did not Allstate not know I needed this on my policy they just wrote?
The short answer is yes, you need to file an SR22. Anytime the dmv takes your license because of an APS action, you...