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Does insurance raise if DUI case gets dismissed?
I understand that the DMV and the courts are two separate entities. As of now, my license has been suspended from the DMV, and I am awaiting my court date. I am charged for VC 23140 underage with .06% BAC (originally VC23152 but declined due to lack of evidence.) I was wondering if this VC 23140 charge gets dismissed in court, but my license already has suspended, do I get points on my license? Basically, does the DMV or court issue these points? My second question is, if i get it reduced to a VC23162 underage with BAC under .05, does this charge hold any points? I have found different answers online, that it is a civil matter that deals only with the DMV, but others also say it is an infraction, the same as 23140 is. Thanks your your answers in advance
I am not sure about points. You are correct in that DMV and court proceedings are two different things. The fact of a...
Can I wait out the SR-22?
I recently had a Wet Reckless. I alrdy served the suspension and finished everything for it. Now I just need to get an SR-22 for 3 years to reinstate my license. I don't have the funds to pay for the SR-22. Is it possible that I wait out the 3 years and then go back to DMV and reinstate my license or is it mandatory to have it even if I choose not to drive for the next 3 years? I live in CA.
You could wait it out but... You will not. You will get stopped and trouble will ensue. You should get the SR 22 as...
Will this help with my allege DUI?
I received papers today from the DMV its stated that the officer that had arrest me and pulled me over at 10:30 that was incorrect because I have pictures that's time-stamped at 9:53 and where I was I wash a movie so it was impossible for them to pull me over at 10:30 when I haven't even got to my destination to 9:53 and my destination was only about 8 minutes away from where they pulled me over at
Officer credibility is one of the keys to betting a DUI. Maybe this discrepancy can be used to help you, maybe not....
DUI Question ?
I am wearing a scram bracelet as part of my pre-trial release conditions. Can a person or defense attorney approach a judge and request it be removed? Would that defendant then have to pay bail, but get it taken off. Wearing this thing is not confortable and embarrasing to waer. My attorney has fallen ill and i'm just asking while she is sick. Thanks
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How can I expunged my dui?
I was arrested in 2013 for a dui I did jail time and from their, I was transferred to the DHS ICE officials for custody. After I was released in 2015 I received a citation for driving with a suspended lisence the judge order me to enroll in dui classes I did, installed an interlock device in my vehicle as well I did obtain my drivers lisences back again, but the problem I have right now is that I am having extreme financial hardship at the moment and due to my criminal record I am unable to get hired and I am also dealing with immigration at the moment, and the place where I got my interlock device is not allowing me to remove the device from my vehicle due to my vehicle not working which now they are charging me for the device like if I have purchased it completely which I cant even affored to pay. I am just seeking for information on how I can do it myself due to not being able to afford to hire an attorney.
You can contact the county probation department in the county where you suffered the DUI conviction. Ask for the...
What will happen to me once i go to court for my second offense for dui? ?
I got pulled over at 1:30am right around the corner from my girl friends house witch i was planning on staying over. I made a quick left at a stop sign and i got stopped. I complied with the officers every request. He then did several test on my ability to drive. Then after completing and passing all the test he did the blow test. Not once not twice but 6 times.. He said i wasn't blowing i said i was.. He took me to jail. Once arriving to the local jail. I got asked to blow again. I blew and blew and he finally got the # he wanted. I blew 1.0. I stopped drinking at 8pm. I got released 7 hrs later. This is my second so scared. I dont want to go to jail and i have so much responsibilities i will lose if i go to jail. What can i do?? I don't have any money to hire a lawyer.. Can i get a public defender?
Depending on your financial situation you may (or may not) qualify for a Public Defender. You should make some calls,...
Is it possible to get a DUI case dismissed if I was possibly drugged?
I woke up in the hospital after totalling my car. Fortunately no one was injured and I only had a few bruises. I don't remember leaving the night club or driving at all. I can't help but wonder if I might have been given drugs because the events that took place just don't add up. I am scheduled to appear in court in 2 weeks for vc 23152a. It's been 3 weeks since the accident and the DMV has not suspended my driver's license (it was not on me at the hospital, I later retrieved it from my car at the wreckage yard). They took a urine test at the hospital but no one told me the result. They did put me in jail for 6 hours before releasing me. I have been thinking I will plead guilty since it was irresponsible to drive my car to a bar in the first place and I should accept the consequences. It's just that every other time in the past if I wasn't sober I'd call a cab or walk. I absolutely do not remember ever getting in my car. The events just don't add up. I know it's a stretch to think someone could have given me drugs I just don't understand what happened.
Anything is possible, but that's a tough sell unless it's a date rape drug or something like that. You should...