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What are my chances of beating this DUI?
In August of 2015, i was arrested after having a seizure. At the time I didn't know they were seizures. This happened while picking up my meds at the pharmacy drive-thru, i hit the car behind me, apparently i spoke to the driver and she came to the conclusion i was under the influence so her and the guy from the pharmacy called 911, giving them all my info. I do not remember anything, i regained consciousness when i was in jail. They found residue of ambien which i had taken the night before and thc. I have priors from 8&9 yrs ago, but that does not mean i am responsible this time. Cops even told my husband he should look around the house because i could have a stash, they thought i was coming down from heroin. I feel like i was profiled and found guilty even before they arrived to the scene. I do have many health issues including gastroparesis which means my stomach is paralyzed and i digest very slowly. I am in school and have two kids, can't afford to go to jajl! My trial starts monday and i am super scared and losing my mind. Please what can i do? Oh! While in jail, i was denied health treatment as well. Thank you!
Your trial starts Monday? Where is your attorney in this? Not sure what else you can do at this late juncture.
Why am I being charged with DUI with no alcohol in my system?
I was arreated and charged with V.C. 23152(a) and b, but both breath and blood came back with no alcohol in my system, but there was a trace of a drug that I have no knowledge of ever taking....what do I do at this point?
You should consult a dui attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case.
How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?
I received a DUI in 1997. I went to prison on another issue. I just got released from prison on 4/03/17. I went to apply for a renewal and the DMV said they had no record of me completing a DUI program. Before I went to prison I completed a 3 month program. This was a court mandated program. I have been in prison for 20 yrs. The program no longer is exists. The DMV is saying I have to take a program over again. Do I have to take it over again. After all I am well past the statue of limitation of 10 yrs.
If the DMV is requiring proof of the program, then you'll need to provide it. Consider going to the courthouse and or...
How can i go about handling my DUI case?
I have a roughly 4-5 year old DUI case that I haven't taken care of. I showed up to court, was sentenced to x-amount of community service hours, MADD and AA classes, and of course to pay the fees. I've been either under-employed or unemployed since then, struggling pretty bad...hence the reasoning for not paying the fees or being able to afford the classes. I'd like to take care of it now. I'm aware that I have a bench warrant, due to missed payments. A few people have told me that even if I step forward willingly with a lawyer, and acknowledge that I want to get my act together, that I still won't be able to avoid jail time. That really scares me. I guess a more accurate question is: Do you think that stepping forward to the court system and willingly showing that I'd like to take care of my mistakes would have an outcome of avoiding jail time? Such as reinstating my original sentence, in lieu of jail time? Or do you think that even if I do all that, I would still need to serve time in a county jail?
You may want to consult your former criminal defense attorney. You can also see if you can coordinate a resolution by...
Expunging a DUI?
I've gotten a DUI back in 2011 all fees, penalties have be satisfied and paid. I would like this expunged due to it preventing me from my line of work. Would I start the PC 1203.4 form at the state level or county of the arrest?
You need to file the forms at the county courthouse in the county of arrest. Make sure you serve copies of the forms on...
What can i do about duis i have that r over 10 years old?
Both my duis r over 10 years old & one in Minnesota. Is there anything that can be done besides a 18 month class? Im going thru a drug program right now and changing my life will the courts or anyone take this into consideration?
At this point, your problem is with DMV. They won't give you a license until you complete the required class. The...
Can my California License be suspended by a Georgia DUI?
So I was recently found guilty of a DUI less safe in Georgia, however I am in the military so my license is from California which was the one they took at the time of arrest, I will have satisfied all of the state of Georgia's conditions for license reinstatement a month after the conviction, I got a GA license at the behest of my GA lawyer at the time after the DUI but before the conviction, both licenses are still valid according to their printout but the CA license printout reads "surrendered by subject to:GA", I will return to CA in a few years, will CA suspend my license because of the conviction (happened a month ago not sure if theyve updated the system yet) even after I have satisfied GA's terms?
Yes, California can suspend your license based on an offense that occurred in another state. Your California license...