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LICENCED vocation nurse with mult DUI
I've gotten 2 DUI in 2013 and one in 2002 . I have a hearing with the board of nursing ? Or I can attemp a stipulated settlement. Which is a better option in order to attemp to maintain my current licence and be able to work. Is the hearing itself a waste of time being I was already convicted of DUI
I'm going to change the area of law to licensing to give you better responses.
What will happen to me since I violated my idd?
I was suppose get it removed tomorrow since my 5month lease is up but the dmv denied my removal request since in their computer it shows that I had requested a removal in March. I called my interlock company & they said they've sent a violation not a removal request. I had gotten the violation since my mom back then bought listerine, that morning I was running late for my 3month program, so I did a quick brush & included in mouthwash. The interlock let me turn the car on after 2 tries & me downing water then when I was driving it went off which I later failed & locked out. I had ordered a new idd/paid extra to the interlock company for it but I didn't think nothing much of the incident till reading answers online now. So what will happen when I tell the dmv it was a violation?
Speak to the attorney who represented you on the case or hire a new one.
Can a police officer force me to take a blood test for bac?
after i refused to give a blood test atleast 3 rimes I was told by police if I did not give a blood sample for bac they would get a warrant and " pin me down and get a sample anyway" is that legal?
Yes, when you are arrested for DUI a chemical test is usually requested and provided pursuant to implied consent. When...
I have a restricted license in TN due to a DUI. I've been transferred to CA for work. Can I acquire a restricted license here?
I've been told CA will not accept a restricted license until my 1 year restricted license requirement in TN is satisfied. I'm going to lose my job since I drive for work in traveling sales. Is there anything I can do?
If you become a California resident, you would have to apply for a California Driver's license. If the California DMV...
DUI Suspension and DMV records
I am almost done with my 30 day suspension for a 1st time DUI arrest. I called the DMV to ensure I had all the right things ready to apply for a restricted license. According to the DMV, there is nothing on my record.. It has been almost 60 days since the arrest. Court is not for another 30 days. How long will it take for the DMV to show this on my record? I have complied to the letter with not driving while on suspension. I do not want to delay the process any further. Do I need legal representation to expedite this? Please advise
did you schedule a DMV hearing? You should have done that within 10 days of the arrest. DMV is separate from the...
How much is cost of an attorney is pulled over for dui in san dimas,ca? am i better off getting the public defender?
total 2 convictions of Dui in the past. Last on being 4/2002. . the CHP release me to my mother at her house. i wasnt taken to jail. and he did not give me a copy of my citation. how do i find out when my court date is?
Attorneys will not discuss fees with you on this public forum. You need to contact an attorney and discuss it with him...
First Time DUI and restricted license.
How long do I have to wait to apply for restricted license? I was issued a 30 temporary license, but the wording is confusing. I need to be able to drive to and from work. Do I have to wait 30 days? or can I start the process now? My court date isn't for almost 3 months. Thank you
You have only 10 days from the date of the arrest (day 1 is the day of the arrest) to contact the DMV and request a...