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I just got a DUI and a couple years a go I had got one but it wasn't filed. Does this count as a second one?
What are the chances of going to jail
If the first one was never filed, this will be your first. A first time DUI can land you in jail for up to 6 months....
Can I be issued a DUI under these circumstances?
Yesterday I was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. The officer notified me that my BAC was .06. After administering a field sobriety test, the officer placed me under arrest. I was recorded was a BAC of .05 at the station and released about 7.5 hours later. I was given back my ID, as well as a yellow citation. I was told by the DMV when scheduling a hearing to keep my license from being suspended, that I should have received a pink sheet that served as a temporary license. I did not receive one. I am curious as to what my charges may end up being. I always thought that you needed to have a BAC of .08 of higher to be issued a DUI. Also, the officer told me that she pulled me over because it looked like I was tailgating the car in front of me. I was actually following my girlfriend home and drove behind her the whole way to ensure her safety, in case she was feeling tired and may have to pull over. The other concern I have is that I was not read my miranda rights when arrested, which I was under the assumption that my miranda rights must always be read. Any advice on the matter is much appreciated.
You best bet is consult with an attorney face to face and give them all of the details related to your arrest. If you...
I am a licensed vocational nurse can my job fire me for dui
I got 2 dui convictions in 2013 . The board of vocational nursing was trying to revoke my license . But after the administrative hearing they allowed me to keep my license and placed me on probation with no restrictions on my nursing license . Can my job still fire me ?
You will need to report that to your state nursing board. Generally they do not fire you but will keep a careful eye on...
What is the possible outcome if i am being charged with VC M23152(A), VC M23152(B), VC 12500(A), VC M23578 in Riverside county?
I am 24 years old. I am unlicensed. I was driving under the influence (.089)
The possibilities are nearly limitless. You can get a probation offer, a custody offer, a combination, a none-file (...
What will happen to me since I violated my idd?
I was suppose get it removed tomorrow since my 5month lease is up but the dmv denied my removal request since in their computer it shows that I had requested a removal in March. I called my interlock company & they said they've sent a violation not a removal request. I had gotten the violation since my mom back then bought listerine, that morning I was running late for my 3month program, so I did a quick brush & included in mouthwash. The interlock let me turn the car on after 2 tries & me downing water then when I was driving it went off which I later failed & locked out. I had ordered a new idd/paid extra to the interlock company for it but I didn't think nothing much of the incident till reading answers online now. So what will happen when I tell the dmv it was a violation?
Speak to the attorney who represented you on the case or hire a new one.
Can a police officer force me to take a blood test for bac?
after i refused to give a blood test atleast 3 rimes I was told by police if I did not give a blood sample for bac they would get a warrant and " pin me down and get a sample anyway" is that legal?
Yes, when you are arrested for DUI a chemical test is usually requested and provided pursuant to implied consent. When...
I have a restricted license in TN due to a DUI. I've been transferred to CA for work. Can I acquire a restricted license here?
I've been told CA will not accept a restricted license until my 1 year restricted license requirement in TN is satisfied. I'm going to lose my job since I drive for work in traveling sales. Is there anything I can do?
If you become a California resident, you would have to apply for a California Driver's license. If the California DMV...