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How can someone get ADDERALL DUI?
My doctor is planning to prescribe me Adderall but I found out that they are actually could cause DUI. Im just curious under what circumstances can someone get flag for Adderall DUI in their system. Does police would just test your urine randomly? If the person use Adderall at least 24 hrs ago can they still get DUI? By that time the drug affects should worn off already. Since there not many cases for Adderall DUI it confuse me on what circumstances can one get DUI for Adderall
First, the police must observe some type of significant impairment in one's driving to make the traffic stop. Once the...
Should I get a dui lawyer?
I just recieved my first dui this past week in la county. I blew a .20 at the scene and at the station. Is there even a point to hire a lawyer or should I just plead guilty or no contest?
Without a lawyer, how do you know that they're not going to throw the book at you? Without a lawyer, how do you know...
My husband is convicted of DUI
Hi, I am here on behalf of my husband. My husband is convicted of drinking and driving. Last week while he was returning home from an office party, he was caught by the police. In the tests, it was found that there was around 90 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of his blood, which is above the limit. My husband drinks quite often and I always ask him not to drive while he is drunk. Now he has been convicted by the police. And it is a serious issue and a complicated one because all the evidence is against him. I have been told by my friends to hire a DUI defence lawyer to help him out in this case. But I really have no idea regarding all this. Because of the seriousness and complexity of these criminal cases, I have to get a lawyer who knows how these cases are investigated and prosecuted. I have heard about, a DUI defence lawyer here. Any experiences with them? I have to somehow get him out of this. So what should I do first? I am looking forward to some expert suggestions on this. Please help me. Thank you so much.
He has not been convicted by the police. Only Courts do that. Yes he needs an attorney. You can search here on AVVO or...
How can I dismiss a DUI?
I have just gotten my very first DUI ever, is there any way I can have it dismissed or at least keep it away from my record?
First step is to hire a DUI defense attorney. A dismissal depends on the facts of your case and a good attorney will...
How do I get a dui off my DMV record?
My local CHP decided that they were done looking in to my charges after two years. I got a letter in the mail not very long after that said the DA will not be pressing any charges as well.... so my question is why is DMV holding me up if I'm not being charged, I don't get it.
DMV can suspend your license through an administrative hearing process that is independent of the criminal case. The...
Do I have a dui?
I was pulled over by police. I had been drinking. I was already injured from a fight and was trying to get home. The police called ambulance because of my injuries. I was transported to hospital in ambulance. No cops were at hospital. Hospital released me a few hours later. I was issued no citation or was arrested. Hospital did perform alcohol test as well as other test ordered by doctor.
Why would you even ask? Do you think you will be charged? A prosecutor could file on this but a good attorney will...
What is the best advice for a DUI marijuana charge?
My 19 year old son smoked weed and 2 hours later, he drove. After dropping someone off at their house, he did a u-turn and was immediately pulled over for the illegal u-turn. He had a small amount of pot in his car which was detected, and they did a field sobriety test. He said he was not high at the time, was respectful and calm. He showed the police his medical mj card. They took him in and gave him a blood test, and he spent the next 15 hours in a small cell with 12 other guys. Any advice for the court date? Thanks! The charge is 23152 E and the location is southern CA.
I mean the best advice I can give you is what I would do if you were my client I would want to get a sampling of the...