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DUI as passenger
Can you get a DUI if you are a passenger in the car?
NO, you cannot, unless you were DRIVING the car in some manner.
Does 10 year look back apply for multiple DUIs
Let's say you get a second DUI within two years and then you get a third one over ten years after the second. Does it count as a first? Or does that only apply if you've had one? California
It would count as a 1st calculating from date of offense to date of new offense. However, the prosecutors and the...
Drunk Driving Arrests Result in Visa Revocations
I came to USA on a student visa and after graduating I started working on H1-b visa. I am working on H1-b visa since 7 years. 4 years back I got pulled over for DUI in los angeles. I pleaded guilty and after 3 years the case is dismissed aswell. Its been over an year now that the case is dismissed. I haven't been to the home country in over 6 years. I see in lot of blogs that consular office issues a Prudential revocation of your visa after the DUI and I never received any such notice. I also see in the blogs that folks receive different kinds of notices and I also see in the blogs that The prudential revocation of a visa stamp by the DOS should not disrupt the individual's legal status in the United States Please let me know if my status is revoked or how could I check if I was issued a prudential revocation.
Ask your counsel of record to investigate, however, all things considered it would be unreasonably harsh to assume your...
My hus was picked up on a DUI warrant and had to two dui. They referred him to a DUI residential program how long does those pro
My husband had court today on a dui warrant.they said he has to go to a residential program to do treatment and will be released to the program when they pick him up from jail. My question is how long do you have to do program when you DUi?
Depends what the court ordered him to do. We can't answer that without knowing the case. Talk to your hubby or his...
Can I still be charged for a DUI because of this petty theft.
4905 PC 23152(f) CVC - DUI ALCOHOL 25662(a) I was charged with petty theft and minor in possession of alcohol the other day. I was caught stealing a couple beers, and have not attended my court date yet. 5 month prior i was arrested for a DUI but not found of guilt.
Will my DUIs affect my citizenship application?
I am planning to file for citizenship. I have never filed before. Came to US legally as permanent resident over 20 years ago. I have 2 DUIs, one in 2010 and other in 2012. Will I have any issues in getting citizenship?
Yes. Any criminal history in the United States will "affect" an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400)....
Can she still be charged with an DUI?
I have a legal question regarding a possible DUI in Santa Ana CA. My GF was involved in an unfortunate accident, in where she was knocked unconscious for nearly 30 min. The details around the accident are daunting so won’t go into too much detail. The other drivers say she caused the accident and so does the police report. However, damages on each of the vehicle suggest otherwise. She passed their field tests still, the police offers felt compelled she was under "the influence". At the scene, she was arrested and taken down to the station for a blood test. Blood test showed positive for Marijuana and Lorazepam. She suffers from a condition that makes her vomit uncontrollably for hours. The only medication that would sedate her was Ativan. She was in the hospital just 3 days before the crash, so this isn't medication that was technically prescribed as an ongoing solution to her vomiting. Within just a couple of weeks I think she had about 3 - 4 ER visits in which they administered Ativan to reduce her symptoms, before the crash. This is also the reason why she started to smoke marijuana, to help control her nausea. Test results came back with 65ng/ml for Ativan.
In a word, YES, she can be charged with driving under the influence.