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Would I be able to do a DUI program online?
I have been charged with a DUI by the DMV, currently awaiting a court trial in May. Would it be possible to do a DUI program online, as it would be very useful and easier for me to complete considering I am busy Mon-Sat, and if so, how would I be able to find one that is legitimate? This is a first time DUI, no accidents or anything
Unfortunately, the California DMV will not accept an online course.
Can I get an extension on my DUI program?
My dui program was due in Feb. This yr. I just finished my classes about 2 weeks ago. Even tho I finished my classes I didn't receive my certificate due to the fact I still have a balance due. I need an extension just till I i pay my balance off. If I go to court is there a possibility of me going to jail?
If this is your one and only incident?, you're probably fine, but you should get in to see the judge asap. Best of luck
Will my employer be notified of my DUI?
I was charged with a DUI last week (charges have not been filed.) will my employer be notified? I fingerprinted with them years ago and was wondering if they would get a result, since we get results for clients regularly. Would this also apply to employees?
It depends on who your employer is and how regularly they check your background. The courts and law enforcement don't...
How long a dui affect your driving record?
I was stop in check point in san Francisco Ca. in May 27 of 2013. got a dui.
In California, a DUI stays on your record for 10 years. That means that if you get a second DUI within the next 10...
Can I get dui with just the DMV and not the criminal court ?
I was driving on the freeway I parked because I got a flat. I started walking to the nearest exit because my phone was dead. I was stopped by a chp and took me in to the station after I told him what happened. They took my id and never gave it back. They transferred me to the hospital from their station so I can sober up. I asked at the hospital if I was under arrest and they said no I would be free to go home once I sobered up. I never got or signed a ticket when I was at the station. Now weeks later I received a letter from the dmv saying my driving privileges are suspended for a year. But still no sign of myself being booked at the police station because I called and asked if I had any tickets and they told me they had no records of me ever being detained. So did they officers just mailed my id to the dmv and not ticket me for a dui since I was walking when I got stopped ? I really need help with this I'm really so confused with this situation.
The DMV hearing is a separate hearing for a different purpose then the criminal court. The DMV hearing is an...
How can I get a liscence in ca when I had a dui in another state?
I received a dui in Nc with an NC liscence. I have since taken care of the court proceedings and a completed drug rehab in caliofornia in lieu of classes. I am now a resident of ca and want to acquire my ca liscence. How can I go about finding out what I need to get one?
If your license is still suspended in another state, California won't give you a license until you clear that up....
Can I find new representation for my dui case?
The attorney assigned me from the PDO hasn't returned many of my calls and my pre trial is coming up in the end of May, should I try to find an attorney myself or should I just keep trying? I was accused of a dui for being under the influence of my prescription anxiety medication following an accident, I wasn't driving under the influence, I was driving in an unfamiliar area and someone pulled out of a parking lot in front of me so I swerved to avoid getting hit, not knowing that there was a curb in the center divide, I hit my head on the roof of my car and began having a very intense panic attack, after discovering that my vehicle was no longer operable I immediately took my medication, when the officer showed up my medication had begun to take effect. The officer never asked if I was alright, instead he proceeded to perform a field sobriety test, I complied even though I was in pain and knew that I probably wouldn't pass. The officer told me that I could either go with him to get a blood test then to jail or go with the ambulance, I obviously chose the ambulance and went to the hospital. there is more to the story that I can't fit in this explanation, please help.
You can always hire private counsel. DUI drugs are fairly technical, and a private attorney can secure the proper...