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If I got DUI in California, can the DUI school be shortened?
I was living in California in 2013 when I got the DUI and received a 9 month school for first time DUI offense under .20 Bac. I am from Florida, and really had no where else to turn at the time and returned home. In the last three years, I completed my fine payment before it was due, served 48 hrs in jail, did mail in probation for 18 months (which was lowered from 3 years because I finished everything else), and did a 60 hour online course, and had an sr22. I can not get a California license without taking the school, and I knew this condition before accepting it. It is now looking like my work will be taking me back to California. Can I make some kind of appeal to have the school time shortened so I can work there? I'm not trying to waive the school, but 9 months is more than is usually given for a first offense with no accident or property damage involved. If I move back can it be reduced to 3 months?
This was listed under education law when it primarily concerns criminal defense. I'm moving it to that area.
Can I get my DUI conviction expunged?
I got a DUI in August 2013 and my 3-year probation started in January 2014. It ends next week. I understand that you can have the conviction expunged under Penal Code 1203.4 PC after you successfully complete your probation. This will be true next week for me. So would it make sense for me go through this process? Also, I got the DUI in Santa Clara County but I live in Los Angeles, so do I need to hire a lawyer that works in that county as well? I can't find the attorney who worked on my case in 2013. Her firm's no longer open. Any advice would be great appreciated.
As long as you completed all of the terms of your probation, you should be eligible. Yes, you should do it, but you...
What do I do after receiving my first DUI?
I received a DUI in California. It was my first offense and I have no prior criminal record. What steps do I need to take for a favorable outcome, if possible?
The outcome of your case will depend on a number of things - too many to address in this forum. Because DUIs involve...
DUI Probation and Other
Does the 3 year probation period for misdemeanor DUI end 3 years from the date of the infraction or 3 years from the date of the conviction ( convicted almost a year after)? Also, is it possible to have this probation time reduced for good behavior. It has been 3 years from the infraction date and 2 years from the conviction date so far. I have been denied employment from employers in my chosen field. Is there anything that can be done about this. I am a first time offender with a clean record otherwise.
It is three years from the date of conviction (sentencing). You can petition for early termination of probation....
DUI, what to expect...
I was just pulled over and arrested for a DUI, I bailed out and now have to go to court. I'm 34 years old and have never had a DUI, or speeding ticket in my life. What should I expect from the system in place? What am I looking at?
What you are looking at? largely depends on the courthouse, your Blood alcohol content, the reason for the stop, and...
Can I get my dui reduced if I'm 20 ?
I was pulled over for going up the street without having my headlights on and they gave me a breathalyzer and I blew .10 is there anyways I can have these charges reduced
Yes, but it usually requires an attorney to fight/negotiate for you. Best to call a local attorney and discuss your options.
DUI Admission of driving and Rebuttable Presumption.
I got my police report in the mail, and the cop says I admitted to driving prior to my DUI arrest. I have a witness who will testify to being the driver, but left me at the location I was later arrested at because of a verbal dispute. I was sleep with my seat fully reclined, when approached by the police, but the motor and heater were running (it was 60 degrees that night). I was parked legally in a strip mall parking lot next to businesses and large apartment complexes with no cameras that face the parking lot if that matters. So my question is if I allegedly admitted to driving will my witness testimony be credible? Also, under the (b) section of the Vehicle Code for a DUI it states approximately that there's a rebuttable presumption that if I blew a .08, which I blew exactly. It's presumed that I was at or over .08 at the time of driving if I blew a .08 within 3 hours of driving. I was never observed driving by police, and the police report gives no indication of a time of driving, admitted or inferred. Will the State and the DMV have the burden of proving the time I last allegedly drove?
Good luck with the "some other dude was driving" defense. Best to retain counsel.